As much as moms want to keep an eye on their kids, it’s impossible to watch them twenty-four hours a day. Let’s face it – occasionally, we need some time for ourselves to relax and unwind. While most of us do this at night or in the evening after the kids are asleep, it’s important for mothers to take a break whenever possible. With a play yard, we believe it will be achievable.


Sometimes, parents need to shower or cook dinner and do not want accidents to occur. With a play yard, there is no reason to fret because it’s an incredibly safe space. Not only that, it’s highly practical because a quality yard is easy to set up and take down. Hence, moms can set it up in the kitchen, the living room or even the bathroom depending on their needs.


To us, this makes it an excellent investment and one which every mom should consider. However, we also understand it may be complex initially, which is why we will show you the steps on how to use a play yard. Additionally, here are our tips on why you should choose a play yard and how to put it to good use.


1. It’s Safe



The first thing all parents are concerned with is the safety aspect as pretty much anything may pose a danger to a child. Even a toy, one they’ve had for a long time, can be very harmful. Hence, it’s essential that a play yard is safe. The good news is the majority of them are created with a child’s safety and wellbeing in mind.


For example, a standard eight-piece yard at Adertek is about 133cmx133cm square which means there is a lot of room for maneuvering. It is bigger than a traditional play yard so there is no chance of getting cooped up or squashed.


To get the most protection from a play yard, moms can consider adding a play mat to prevent baby’s fall on hard flooring surface. This will provide some cushioning. The IFAM play yard range can also be customised as you can add wall mounts to prevent your child from wandering into dangerous areas like the kitchen or the stairs.


The door lock and plastic frame which measures a couple of feet in length will prevent your child from wandering off. Get a play yard without any sharp edges as this means kids can play safely without much supervision. On the ground, a mat helps prevent any friction burns or rubbing on their sensitive skin. If there are any toys that moms are unsure of, they can simply be left outside of the play yard, away from curious eyes and hands.


Thanks to a play yard, a parent can leave their child alone for a couple of moments when it’s necessary to take some time off.


 2. Suitable for Group Activity


We would love to see our child get together and play with other kids, be it with friends or siblings. However, the thought of handling multiple children all at once can be frightening. How are you going to keep everyone occupied during a play date? The answer is with a play yard. A play yard can help moms contain and keep their children under control with a defined play area. At over 50 square inches (133cmx133cm), a yard has ample room for two, three, even four children. Therefore, anyone with more than one kid or friends and family with children can still organize the most relaxed play date ever.


Besides, let’s not forget about how messy it gets when children are playing. Sometimes, the house turns into a mess with toys strewn across the floor and paint splattered on the walls. Frankly, it’s appalling how quickly a pleasant afternoon can turn into a nightmare. The good thing is with a quality play yard, there is no need to worry about this any longer as it will help contain the mess. Whether it is toy or paint, they stay in one area of the house.


For moms, this is an incredible feature because it reduces cleaning time and that’s something all moms are passionate about.


 3. There’s An Extra Layer of Security



One reason to opt for a play yard is the fact that they are created with security in mind. On the other hand, there’s the inflexibility of a normal bed. Once a baby is asleep, we tend to go back and forth to check on them. Sure, some of us might invest in cameras and monitors, but this equipment only helps to a certain extent. The majority of parents will still prefer to check on the baby themselves for a peace of mind.


When parents find themselves in the middle of something and are unable to walk away, they can arrange for the baby to nap in a play yard close to them instead. This can be done by making a temporary bed within the safety of the play yard through the use of pillows, cushions and blankets. This allows us to quickly check on them with a quick glance, rather than trudging up to the bedroom. The fact that the baby is in the same room as mom or dad means there’s an extra layer of safety. While this appears lazy, it isn’t – it’s practical. Mothers don’t have time to waste so being able to check on the baby without leaving the kitchen is a bonus.


Plus, they are vital seconds if anything goes wrong. If there is an emergency, it’s critical to react quickly before any irreversible damage is done. Last but not least, we shouldn’t underestimate our children’s curiosity. When they wake up and nobody is around, they tend to wander and crawl around which can be dangerous if they end up near the stairs as they may fall from a great height.

 Therefore, a play yard can effectively prevent accidents like this from happening.



4. It’s Easy To Set up And Tear Down



Although it might look complicated at first, most play yards are straightforward and easy to assemble. As one piece connects with another, all a parent has to do is to find the right pieces and put them together. Think of it as a massive jigsaw puzzle with big corners.


The benefits for parents are wide-ranging thanks to its simple setup. Often, when it's time for bed, babies will not drift off to sleep immediately. This is especially so when they are in a new or unfamiliar environment and there isn’t a soft, comfortable place to rest their head. With a play yard, there is a good chance that a child will become a better sleeper on the road. Not only do they find it familiar, safe and welcoming, they can also sleep in it wherever. All a mom has to do is pack it with everything else a baby needs before leaving the house.


An added bonus is the ability to go to new and exciting places without being fearful. Going to the pool is a fantastic way to spend the day but it can be risky with the sun and water. With a play yard and some shade, there’s no reason to worry about sunburns, plus the plastic guard stops them from wandering near to the water’s edge.


Whether it’s at the grandparents’ place or by the pool, with a play yard, the kids will be safe and parents can also have a peace of mind while enjoying the experience.


5. It Doubles As A Storage Area



As well as providing safety, security and an opportunity for a break, a play yard doubles as a storage unit. Moms who have them use it to house extra toys. Some even go as far as filling a play yard with pillows and cushions. Thanks to its multipurpose nature, we can place anything in there when the baby isn’t playing in the yard.


This can be great if the house lacks storage options and moms want to keep it clean and tidy.





As play yards come with lots of function, features and add-ons, they are an excellent investment. Besides being incredibly easy to set up and take down, you can also keep the play yard as a storage area to limit all the clutter in to one place.


With an iFAM model, there are even more advantages. First of all, they come in a variety of different shades and colours to fit any room and design scheme, so your play yard can fit in seamlessly. Secondly, they’re KTC and SGS certified, so the products are guaranteed to be safe and compliant with Korea and Singapore’s highest testing standards. Thirdly, members get 10% off when they make a purchase with us.


Parents, there are no excuses: you need to get a play yard now!