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Singapore is smacked in the middle of the tropics, with an endless supply of pesky mosquitoes. Mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever are a constant concern. Apart from taking precautions to prevent mosquito breeding, our best line of defence against these pesky pests would be mosquito repellents.
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Easy Toddler Potty Training


Baby Flushable Wet Wipes (10 x 62sheets)


Easy Storage Organizer


Easy Mini Desk


Easy Double Storage Organizer


Easy Book Shelf (2 level + Toy Box)


Electric Nail Clipper for Baby & Kids


LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat (200x140x4cm)


Baby FIRST Play Yard with Door Set (10pcs 207x147cm)


Elephant Toy Storage Rack (6 Big Baskets/ 4 Big 4 Small Baskets)

IFAM Assembly Guide for Indoor Slides

IFAM Assembly Guide - Indoor Slides

IFAM Indoor Slides come in different sizes for little ones from 6 months to 6 years old. Although the size of each slide grow bigger for bigger kids, the method... Read More

IFAM Assembly Guide - Toy Organizers

If you are looking to buy a toy organizer, check out this simple comparison chart below for more details: Next up on our assembly guide - IFAM baby Toy Organizers!... Read More
Assembly guide for Storage Organizers
Baby Play Yard Assembly Guide

IFAM Assembly Guide - Play Yards

If you are looking to buy a baby play yard, check out this simple comparison chart below for more details: Next up on our assembly guide - IFAM Baby Play... Read More
Breastmilk Storage 101

Breastmilk Storage 101

  Ever heard the saying-“no point crying over spilled milk” ? Well, to a large extent that is true…but not when it concerns the breastmilk you have so painstakingly took... Read More

Toddler Tantrum Guide

Yikes, a toddler screaming and crying seemingly out of the blue for the silliest reason is certainly not a pretty sight to deal with yet it is something all parents... Read More
Toddler Tantrum Guide