LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Baby Milk Bottle Wash, Sterilize & Dry

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How It Work?

Click here for LIFESAVER 3-in-1 user guide.

MyLO LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Baby Milk Bottle Wash, Sterilize & Dry will wash your little one's milk bottles, steam sterilize and dry the milk bottles, teats and accessories in a 90mins cycle. On top of that, you can toggle on the "Tend" feature to keep your bottles dry and warm until your next use!

Also, one important thing to note is that all you need is just 2.5ltr of water and 3gm of Dapple Baby Washing Powder per wash. Absolute cash saving!
only 2.5ltr of water needed per wash

While the machine is busy cleaning your baby's bottle, ALL you need to do during this 90mins is to sit down, take a break and catch up on your me-time!

  • Easily wash 4 milk bottles, teats & accessories in one session
    Wash up to 4 bottles in a session
  • Only uses ~2.5ltr of water and 3gm of Dapple Baby Washing Powder per wash
  • Keep your bottle dry & warm until your next use with the "Tend" function
  • 3 different cycle available - (i) Dry, (ii) Wash & Dry, (iii) Wash, Sterilize & Dry

Refer to the product image for more details on how to use the machine.

Setting it up

Electrical Wire (~1mtr) should be connected to a electrical point which is in the opposite direction of the water discharge hose.

Water Hose (~1mtr) for discharging of waste water into a sink or pail. You can purchase longer hose from hardware shop, fish shop etc.

Setting water hose and electrical wire up

Note: Distilled water / Purified water / Filtered water is recommended as the use of tap water may result in some hard water marks from minerals left behind by the drying and evaporation process.

Wash Process

What you do:

  1. Drop 3gm of bottle washing powder into machine
  2. Quick rinse bottle to remove visible hard stains (especially for formula milk)
  3. Place rinsed milk bottles, teats and accessories inside washer
  4. Add 2.5ltr of tap water to water tank
  5. Cover up washer and set to 90mins wash-steam-dry cycle

Total time: 5mins

What LIFESAVER Bottle Washer do:

  1. Double layer pressurized washing at 60°C to kill bacteria efficiently (30mins)
    Double layer pressurized 60degC washing

  2. Steam sterilizing at 100°C (8mins)
    Steam Sterilizing 100degC for 20mins

  3. Patented Hot Air Drying 70°C & Bottle Storage after wash (52mins)
    Patented Hot Air Drying at 70degC for 40mins

  4. [optional] "Tend" to keep milk bottles warm until your next use

Total time: 90mins

Each automated wash cycle takes 90mins

Demo & Q&As

Still unsure whether LIFESAVER 3-in-1 is what you need?

Still have questions on how to use it?

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  • Descaling (~3mths)
    Similar to water boiler, descaling of the heating plate will be required from time to time (~3mths once). To descale:
    • pour 30ml of white vinegar + 60ml of water onto the silver-plated heating element and soak for 1hr
    • Use a small brush to scrub the heating plate
    • Pour the liquid out of the machine and do a full cycle wash, sterilize dry (90mins)
  • Air Filter (~6mths)
    The air filter is located under the machine and will be required to change every 6mths. Each machine comes with 1 filter. Replacement air filters sold separately.

Maintenance guide can be found in the user manual provided with each machine too.


NO MORE Back-Breaking, Time Wasting Bottle Washing With LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Baby Milk Bottle Wash, Sterilize & Dry

This machine (we call it LIFESAVER) will release you from the dreaded bottle washing that every single parent absolutely hates doing.

It's important to keep milk bottles clean and dry for the next use whether you are feeding breastmilk or formula milk. The process of washing, sterilizing & drying is usually done in batches so as to save water, reduce the frequency of bottle washing and also maximize the number of bottles being sterilized in 1 session. This results in 30-60mins of bottle washing 2-3 times a day.

For a parent who wash baby milk bottles 3 times a day would mean that he/she had spent close to 90 hours in a month standing by the sink, washing, scrubbing and sterilizing milk bottles.

On top of that, the endless bottle washing is going to dry up the hands quickly and for parents with sensitive/dry/eczema skin, the bottle washing liquid is going to make your hand condition even more unbearable!

Suitable for all major baby milk bottle & teats brands (Hegen, Philip Avent, Pigeon etc.) that can be sterilized by steam, boiling water and/or microwave sterilizing.

HOWEVER, all the bottle washing pains will come to an end with MyLO LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Baby Milk Bottle Wash, Sterilize & Dry!

Wash Pods

Washing baby bottles without removing protein residues in the bottle completely can cause baby stomach upsets. Dapple’s plant-based wash pod is made with natural ingredients to clean milk bottles effectively without harsh chemicals, is hypoallergenic, Fragrance-Free and is paediatrician tested.

It combines superior cleaning power with worry-free ingredients that moms can trust. These plant-based wash pods make cleaning bottles with MyLO 3-in-1 Automated Baby Bottle Wash, Sterilize & Dry a fuss-free experience.

Dapple Baby products are Made in USA.

Click here for more details about Dapple Baby Wash Pods.