MyLO LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Baby Milk Bottle Wash, Sterilize & Dry

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Note: MyLO Bugs-OFF! Dust Mite Repellent will be replaced with MyLO GWS Fever Relief Patch (0-36mo * 1 box) until further notice
Plug & Wash - No Installation Required.
Wash, Sterilize Dry & Store 4 bottles per cycle
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What Other Parents Are Saying

Not All Heroes Wear Capes


No One Enjoys Washing Milk Bottles!

BACK-BREAKING chores everyone HATES!

It's such a lonely task that sucks out so much energy, time and money bit by bit every morning & night!

Chat with us to schedule a demo at our showroom!

With LIFESAVER, you just need 5mins...

all you have to do is:

1. give milk bottles a quick rinse

2. add some water & washing liquid into LIFESAVER 3in1

3. place bottles & teats into the machine

4. Press "START"

How LIFESAVER Work For You

Kill bacteria efficiently for 30mins

Much cleaner than hand wash!

Fuss Free Sterilizing!

Sterilizing starts immediately after washing

Hot Air Drying & Store Till Next Use

All ready in 70-90mins for next use!

Hundreds of Parents Have Stopped Hand Washing Milk Bottles!

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Sold Out
Unit Price
$100 OFF With Code "lifesaver100"

Option: LIFESAVER + FREE Gifts & 3mths Warranty worth $130

Email me when this is available

Interest FREE Installments
FREE SG Delivery
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Only 0 left! Fastest Finger First.


No installation is required. Here's how to setup:

  • connect the 1mtr power cable provided with the machine
  • use the provided water container to transfer water in
  • connect the provided discharge tube (1mtr) into a nearby sink or pail to discharge water

We believe you are going to be delighted with your LIFESAVER 3in1. But we also understand that not everything works for everyone.

If you are not pleased with the machine at any time within the first 7 days, just send us an email to raise a R&R request.

R&R requests raised within the first 7 days from date of delivery will be approved* as long as item is returned back to us in original condition & packaging (Singapore address).

If LIFESAVER was purchased along with a Gift With Purchase promotion/bundle, all Free Gifts need to be returned in original brand new / sealed condition. Refund value will less off regular price for any Free Gift that are not returned in original condition.

1. R&R period - The first day starts on the day your order was delivered by courier and the last day will end on the 7h day after you received your order (eg. for an order delivered on 1 Jan, the 7-day R&R period will be 1-7 Jan, both day inclusive).

2. Keep everything for the first 7 days - LIFESAVER 3in1 must be returned in working condition with its original packaging and all accessories intact (eg. carton box, plastic cover, styrofoam support etc - R&R will be rejected for missing components).

3. Email us to raise R&R - You can reach us via

4. Return LIFESAVER 3in1 within 7 days - plan your schedule to send the items back to our office during office hours (at own cost)

5. R&R apply to LIFESAVER 3in1 purchased on only - does not apply to (i) consumables (washing liquid, spares etc) & (ii) purchases via marketplaces & all 3rd party merchants

If LIFESAVER was purchased along with a Gift With Purchase promotion, all Free Gifts need to be returned in original brand new / sealed condition. Refund value will less off regular price for any Free Gift that are not returned in original condition.

IMPORTANT: R&R will be automatically accepted when all 5 eligibility requirements are met. No refund will be made for any missing/unfulfilled requirements.

We will process the refund within 5 working days and update you once the refund has been initiated on our end.

Standard refund procedures & timelines by banks & payment gateway apply.

Be honest with yourself - which is more tedious - washing or sterilizing?

There's only 1 correct answer - washing. Sterilizing & Drying is never an issue!

You will get much more free time once you stop washing bottles by hand.

On a daily running cost, you will save up to 63%* on water bills when you switch to LIFESAVER 3in1.

That's $63 for every $100 you pay for the water used to wash milk bottles!

With ECOVER ZERO, you can get 450 washes at $6.50 only!

*May2022 Water Fees @ 15cbm for $40
- LIFESAVER 3in1 uses ~3ltr of water per wash
- traditional wash & boil sterilize uses ~8ltr of water

Yes, you can but you would have to determine how much soap to use.

Generally, washing liquid generate too much foam to wash properly in LIFESAVER 3in1.

LIFESAVER 3in1 uses dishwashing technology, which is unsuitable for handling a lot of foam.

Leaving behind too much foam will result in a layer of dried foam coated onto the bottles.

A big NO-NO as it will become soapy when you add water or breastmilk into the bottle.

After months of testing, we are confident ECOVER ZERO (~0.3-0.5ml/wash) will do the job for its low SUD and clean efficiency.

It can wash anything that are dishwasher safe - breast pump, bottles, utensils etc.

Important: Some bottles & breast pumps are not suitable for dishwashing, steaming and/or heat sterilizing due to the material low melting point. Always check suitability before washing.

Warranty starts from the date order is delivered.

Similar to most warranty claims, LIFESAVER must be sent back to our showroom for warranty check and inspection at own cost.

We will notify you to collect it back once it is fixed.

We do not offer door to door maintenance at the moment.

You can refer to the video below for a quick overview of how to use.

Alternatively, you can contact us to schedule an appointment for Demo at our showroom in Marymount area.

We ship internationally via FEDEX. Enter your delivery address at check out to get a quote for international shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Muhammad Farhan Farhan
Worth the $$$

Definately worth the $$$ and time

Saves time and water!

Really glad we found this product. Saved us time and likely water too since it's 2.5L per wash. Also saved my hands too since I didn't have to keep washing the bottles. Can do other things while waiting, especially for night feeds.

Automated bottle washer and dryer

First time trying this. Previously was using a UV steriliser and dryer without washing function. The machine finally gave up, and I have been waiting to buy this. Use it for MAM easy start bottles which is tricky. Had to find the right parts arrangement to achieve the best drying outcome. Probably more convenient for bottles with less parts (4 piece max per bottle). After using a while, got a hang of it. Quite convenient. Scale detector is sensitive (activated within 1 month) but fortunately doesn't affect function.

Tengku Noraqilah (George Town, Malaysia)
Truly lifesaving!

MyLO LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Milk Bottle Washer, truly lifesaving!

No more hassle to wash baby bottles and breast pump parts especially for working mums!
Simply leave them in this bottle washer and we get to do other things at the same time. Very well recommended.

Soo Huey (Singapore, Singapore)
Using it several times a day!

With a new addition to our family, this bottle washer is indeed a life saver. It is able to wash, sterilise and dry 4 bottles and some small items eg. pump parts, pacifier at one go. Also very user friendly!

Dominic Ling (Kuching, Malaysia)
Productivity hack

This product works as promised!! Just rinse the milk bottles to make sure no residues left and place inside the washer, the washer will take care of the washing, drying and storing. I find the 90 mins washing and drying duration acceptable after using it, as I will keep 1 spare bottle aside at all times. Thank you adertek for your great product and also good customer support via WhatsApp message. Great job!!