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Electric Nail Clipper for Baby & Kids

Brand: MyLO - My Little One

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The Safest Electric Nail Clipper for baby & kids

One of the most intimidating and scary tasks for any first-time parent would be trimming your child’s fingernails. If you trim too much, your baby may contract an infection as bacteria seeps into the skin around the nail. If your baby fidgets too much, you may accidentally nick the skin and cause his fingertips to bleed.

Even though your baby’s nails are soft, overgrown nails can be a problem when he starts to scratch his delicate skin or when he plays with other children. Hence, you will need to trim your child’s nails on a regular basis and making this process as quick and painless as possible will certainly give you peace of mind.

With the MyLO Nail Clipper, cutting your little one’s nails can finally be quick and easy!

The MyLO Nail Clipper is a cute, compact and hygienic electric nail clipper for babies and kids. This baby nail trimmer features a patented blade which is gentle on the skin when in contact. Put your finger right on the trimmer and you won’t feel a thing. No discomfort or pain!

Parenting is already an extremely difficult task and trimming your baby’s nails can add more weight to that. Why not make things easier with a baby nail clipper that alleviates all the stress and anxiety involved with trimming your child’s nails! The MyLO baby nail clipper is also highly reviewed here at Adertek Baby & Kids.

Check out how MyLO Electric Nail Clipper works in the video below!

Mummies Review

Find out what Mummies have to say about using the MyLO baby nail trimmer!


5.3cm x 10cm x 4.6cm @ 111g / pc

Dimension of MyLO Kid's Electrical Nail Clipper

More Details

MyLO Patented Blade

Patented Dual Blade

The MyLO electric baby nail trimmer features a patented dual blade designed for babies & kids. There is no skin contact when using the trimmer and hence, rest assured that your children will be safe when using the MyLO nail clipper.

When your kid gets older, you can also teach your child how to use this child-proof nail clipper, giving him the opportunity to trim his own nails safely.

With a patented blade for finger safety, do not worry that your child may get hurt when cutting his own nails.

MyLO 2 modes for different cut strength

Easy ON/OFF and Dual Modes

The MyLO electric baby nail clipper features an easy-to-use ON/OFF sliding button and 2 different modes for gentle and stronger nail cutting.

It was specifically designed for parents with younger children to ensure a safe and secure baby nail trimming experience at home.

Built-in LED Lighting

Even if you have a particularly squeamish child, do not worry. The MyLO baby nail clipper features a built-in night light that allows you to cut your children’s nails in a darker room during the night time – all while having full visibility of both the fingers and nails.

Lightweight & small suitable for travelling everywhere you go

Small & Lightweight

This baby nail trimmer is lightweight and only weighs 111 grams. This means that this nail clipper is portable, and you can carry it anywhere with you. It fits nicely in small compartments and bags.

Stylish & Classy

The MyLO electric baby nail clipper comes in 2 classic and calming colours: Pastel Pink and Baby Blue.

Low noise level

Low Vibration Motor

Equipped with a low vibration motor, this baby nail clipper creates minimal noise when in-use. This allows you to trim your baby’s nails while your baby is asleep.

Long battery life

Long Battery Life

With up to 90mins usage time per full charge, you can be assured that this baby nail clipper delivers excellent performance with a functional design.

Furthermore, with USB charging, the MyLO baby nail clipper is compatible with many charging options at home.

Recommended Power Input: 5V 1A

Safe & Sterile

The Mylo Electric Nail Clipper features a built-in UV sterilization technology that disinfects and sanitises the device when charging, ensuring that the nail clipper is clean, safe, and bacteria-free for your child.

Fuss-Free Clean Up

Equipped with a removable cap, this nail clipper makes clean-up easy and hassle-free. The nail scraps get collected during the trimming process and can be removed easily via the removable cap. All you need to do is remove the compartment on the MyLO nail clipper when the device is full.

Quality food grade ABS material

Food-Grade ABS Material

The exterior of the MyLO Baby nail trimmer is made from Food-grade ABS material. Food-grade ABS is a material used in food processing.

This means that the MyLO baby nail trimmer is made from a perfectly safe plastic that is BPA-free. Zero worries about plastic exposure for your little one!


Each set includes:

  • 1 x MyLO Electric Nail Clipper
  • 1 x MyLO Electric Nail Clipper Head Unit
  • 1 x Travel Bag
  • 1 x Brush
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB charging cable


1 Year Warranty (service center in Singapore)

  1. Within 3 days from date of purchase/delivery whichever is later, if the product is faulty, the customer can choose to either repair/replace/refund the product
  2. Within 7 days from date of purchase/delivery whichever is later, if the product is faulty, the customer can choose to either repair the product or get a replacement
  3. Product is covered for a period of ONE year warranty and from day 8 to 1 year, if the machine is faulty, customer will be eligible for a free maintenance service
  4. Warranty exclude mishandling, wear & tear and lost of parts/accessories.
  5. MyLO only guarantees the Device against defects resulting from normal use and therefore the warranty does not apply:
  • For cosmetic damage (ex. dent, crack, scratch etc.) and/or traces of moisture/corrosion and/or spillage of food/liquids/ or water damage
  • Device have undergone improper testing, operation, demonstration, maintenance, installation, adjustment or any alteration or modification of any kind (eg. usage on non-baby nails, foreign objects etc.)
  • Device that has been charged and/or operated with incorrect or irregular supply voltage
  • Any use of the Device outside of its specifications
  • The Device is equipped with a battery whose number of charging cycles is limited. Thus, the battery life will gradually decrease. MyLO does not guarantee any specific battery life, as it is contingent on variables that MyLO cannot control such as the frequency of charge/discharge cycles
  • For the improper use of the USB charger with non-compliant power sources rendering the charge time and efficiency to vary.
    The list above is inclusive but not an exhaustive list of examples excluded from the warranty coverage.

Item must be presented / sent back at own cost to Adertek (37 Jalan Pemimpin MAPEX #04-01 s577177) for inspection, servicing and warranty

Do note that inspection and servicing might take up to 3 working days

Pick up or delivery (chargeable at $5) can be arranged once device have been serviced

Refer to user manual for full product warranty

Adertek reserves the right to update warranty at it's discretion

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

Very convenient and no worries when cut baby's nail anymore!

Must own!

This solution takes what can be a difficult task and makes it stress free. Easy Button!

Easy & convenient

Stress free for new parents to trim little ones nails. It was challenging to trim baby's nails using the normal baby nail clipper. Glad that we discovered this in time! Very fast delivery too. Highly recommended to all parents!


Easy to use. Love it

Save time

Using this Electric Nail Clipper make my life more easy,cutting my kid's nail is safe without any worrying. Daddy not scared to help for cutting her baby girl's nail anymore. Regret now only I know this product,is very helpful for infant.