Essential total baby care doesn’t have to be complicated, all you need is to ensure that the baby products used are safe, healthy, and suitable for your little one. When considering a baby care product, make sure they are specially made for babies, derived from natural ingredients, are tear-free and fragrance-free. Watching your baby for any reaction to allergies to the product is of utmost importance.


Featuring RICO Baby Care Products

RICO is a Korean baby care brand with 30 years of experience, coupled with extensive research and development into various baby products, they have established itself as a reputable baby care brand. RICO uses natural and certified organic core ingredients of organic Calendula in all their products. RICO baby products contain no preservatives or CPC (Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride) which are harmful above a certain concentration. These baby-safe products contain no chemicals, additives or synthetic materials that might harm your little one.

Some notable benefits of RICO baby products:

  • 0% Certified “No Irritation” by ELLEAD - A world-leading testing facility for cosmetics, health functional foods, quasi-drugs and raw materials.
  • Made in Korea at a herbal manufacturing plant under strict standards.
  • All RICO products have ultrapure water as the main ingredient.
  • Include non-synthetic, hypoallergenic ingredients such as Calendula and Chamomile that are naturally derived.
  • Uses Rayon - A natural fibre made from cellulose for wet wipes, which is compostable and friendly for the environment.


For Holistic, Baby Soft Skin

Your newborn’s skin is as delicate as their immune system, they require suitable products which are not harmful to their skin. Newborn babies' skin is sensitive and might lead to skin conditions such as dry skin and eczema if not managed properly.

RICO has carefully selected a range of baby-friendly skincare essentials that can help to moisturise, soothe, balance and prevent dryness and eczema on your baby’s skin. RICO baby skincare products have been manufactured safely in accordance with ELLEAD, a Korean standard board for a “No Skin Irritation” certification. RICO’s natural Calendula oil is certified organic by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) which has antifungal and antibacterial properties.


RICO Baby Moisturiser Lotion for Normal / Sensitive Skin



Your soft baby’s skin might look hydrated, but when their skin is lacking moisture, it will lead to dry skin. Babies' skin absorbs moisture better than adults, but it is also more sensitive compared to our skin. Whenever your baby’s skin is dry, it leads to skin conditions such as chafing, itchiness or even eczema.

RICO Baby Moisturiser Lotion uses its core natural ingredient Calendula, which is a gentle formula for your baby’s sensitive skin. Babies' skin is 20-30% thinner than adults, so it’s important to protect their skin. This calendula-scented moisturiser for babies protects with a moist hydration layer and enhances your baby’s natural skin barrier. This baby lotion is gentle on dry and sensitive skin, has proven skin hydration, improved skin smoothness and comfort for babies.


RICO Baby Skincare Rash Cream & Soothing Gel for Skin Rash



Treating a skin rash might seem burdensome, but it’s easy when you follow the following steps:

  • Always keep your baby’s skin clean and dry.
  • When washing your baby’s clothes, choose laundry detergent that is specially formulated for babies or is irritant-free.
  • Your baby should be dressed appropriately especially in hot weather with cotton and other breathable fabrics to avoid overheating.
  • Keep track of any reactions to allergies that might occur during your baby’s growth.
  • Avoid letting strangers or people with illnesses touch or kiss your baby.
  • Using skincare products such as lotions, shampoos and soaps specially designed for baby’s skin.

RICO Baby Skincare Rash Cream & Soothing Gel is specially formulated with its core ingredient Calendula, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Centella Extract and Portulaca that have soothing, repairing, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties for your little one’s skin. This rash cream for babies also contains Calendula and Olive natural oils that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and repair your baby’s delicate skin. This fragrance-free rash cream for babies soothes, refreshes, and cools baby skin and rashes.


RICO Balanced Care Cream for Dry Skin and Eczema



Eczema is a common but non-contagious, inflamed skin condition in babies. Eczema develops in about one in five babies. The cause of eczema is unknown, however, there are certain triggers such as heat, allergies or dry skin that might trigger eczema. Parents must remember not to aggravate their skin as it might cause irritation that will lead to more eczema. It is recommended to have a daily bathing and moisturising routine for your baby.

Targeting babies with dry, sensitive, or eczema-prone skin, RICO Balanced Care Cream for Dry Skin and Eczema is made with certified organic ingredients like Calendula. The cream contains no artificial additives, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. This naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic formula is an unscented, non-irritant baby eczema cream. Applying the baby care cream to damp skin within 3 minutes after the bath will allow the moisturizing cream to absorb well and prevent eczema flare-ups.


RICO Balanced Care Lotion for Baby Dry Skin



Babies have dry skin on their faces and bodies and are more vulnerable to dryness due to having more sensitive skin than adults. Although hydrating a baby’s skin is important to prevent dry skin, bathing your baby too often might lead to removing natural oils from your newborn’s sensitive skin.

Baby dry skin is a common condition, thus preserving the natural balance of your baby’s skin is crucial. RICO Balanced Care Lotion for Baby Dry Skin is specially formulated with 100% certified organic ingredients like Calendula which are hypoallergenic and safe for your baby’s skin. With long-lasting moisturising effects, it will keep your baby’s dry and sensitive skin balanced throughout the day.


For Healthy, Growing Baby Teeth

In around the sixth month of your baby’s life, their first teeth start to appear. In this stage of growth, babies begin teething and will experience some discomfort. It is important to use clean teething rings and pacifiers. Baby bottle tooth decay (BBTD) is usually caused by prolonged use of milk bottles, this may result in children having cavities or losing their baby teeth early. Therefore, starting proper oral care in young children is critical.

During the teething stage, cleaning your baby’s gums and teeth are crucial as food residue could remain in their mouths which may lead to oral diseases. RICO has specially created a range of oral products suitable for babies with growing teeth from 4 months up to toddlers of 4 years old. It is also important to clean or brush your baby’s mouth at least twice a day.


RICO Baby Oral & Mouth Wipes



Just like adults, bacteria exist in a baby’s mouth, but babies' mouths create less saliva than adults, which makes it more difficult for them to wash away any food residue. Wiping a baby’s tongue often will prevent the formation of food residue build-up (appears as a white coating). Although some sources recommend using warm cloths to wipe your baby’s mouth and tongue, some unsterilised cloths might contain bacterial growth or chemicals.

RICO Baby Oral & Mouth Wipes are the safest wipes in the world with no chemical technology and ingredients such as its certified organic Calendula. All the wipes are sterilised at 121°C degrees and high pressure to kill all germs, fungi, or bacteria. RICO baby mouth wipes are made using a 7-step purifying process with 100% extreme grade ultrapure water.

RICO Baby Oral & Mouth Wipes can be used from an infant stage, frequency of using increases as the baby grow older. Oral wipes can be used once every 2 to 3 days (1 month old) to once a day (2 months old) to twice a day (3 months old) to after every feed or as and when required. For infants up to 6 months, parents should do a quick wipe through and avoid letting baby suckle on the wipes for too long.

Because of its large wipe size, it can be split into multiple usage per piece and can even be used as nipple wipes for mothers who are breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk.


RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste - Strawberry & Grape Flavours



This RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste – Strawberry & Grape Flavours is fluoride-free and is suitable for children from 4 months up to 4 years old. Children of this age might not know how to spit out fluoride properly, as this specially designed toothpaste is fluoride-free, it is safe if swallowed. The toothpaste is specially formulated with natural vitamin, xylitol and calcium.

The toothpaste is free of 8 harmful ingredients such as parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial dye, saccharin, synthetic perfumes, triclosan and animal-derived ingredients. Natural ingredients such as Calendula, Chamomile, Rosemary, Apple, and Lavender Water are organic extracts added to the flavoured toothpaste. Flavoured with strawberry and grape flavours for your child to enjoy the practice of good oral hygiene.


RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste - Strawberry & Blueberry Flavours



This kid-friendly toothpaste (4+ years old) contains a safe level of fluoride (less than 550ppm) and use natural surfactants which provide a safer option for kids. This toothpaste is a gel type that has a thicker texture that allows less abrasion and is gentler for your children’s teeth and gums. It is ECOCERT certified and made from 5 safe and organic materials (Calendula, Chamomile, Rosemary, Apply and Lavender Water).

The toothpaste contains vitamins and minerals such as Xylitol, Calcium and Vitamin E to protect the gums and strengthen the teeth. Most importantly, the toothpaste is free of 8 harmful ingredients typically found in some adult toothpaste (parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial dye, saccharin, synthetic perfumes, triclosan and animal-derived ingredients).


Caring for Children’s Teeth

Proper tooth care should be practised when the first baby tooth emerges, you can use a small soft toothbrush to gently clean their teeth. As there is always a risk of tooth decay and cavities, young children still do need toothpaste to brush their teeth.


Chemical Composition in Toothpastes

Always opt for less fluoride or fluoride-free toothpaste, as fluoride is poisonous in high amounts unless your baby knows how to spit so that they do not swallow the toothpaste. Some ingredients that should be avoided in children's toothpaste are abrasive chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is a foaming agent found in detergent. Avoid toothpaste containing essential oils as they inhibit your child’s oral microbiome production.


Can I Use Adult Toothpaste for My Children?

Whitening toothpaste for adults should be completely avoided as they contain abrasive substances that will damage your children’s enamel on their teeth. As children typically do not prefer minty toothpaste flavours, RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste comes in two fruity flavours, RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste - Strawberry & Blueberry and RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste - Strawberry & Grape.


RICO Baby & Kids Toothbrushes



When brushing your baby’s teeth when they are teething, you must be careful as their gums are soft and tender. Sometimes your baby might be resistant because of the discomfort, but brushing their teeth is still important to prevent tooth decay and cavities, going gentle is of utmost importance.

RICO Baby and Kids Toothbrushes are designed for 3 stages of a baby’s early years (from 1 to 6 years) and are perfectly complementary with RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste, its small and soft antibacterial bristles gently massage gums and clean baby’s teeth. With its suction plate, the toothbrush can remain upright, allowing it to be more hygienic. Its rubber handle and the anti-slip embossed handle is designed for an easier and more comfortable grip for children.


For Squeaky Clean Baby Skin

Your baby’s body is sensitive with a low immune system, for your baby’s health and comfort, bathing is important for newborn hygiene.


RICO Baby & Kids Hand Wash



Your baby will be exposed and vulnerable to germs, dirt, and bacteria very early on in their life. Babies explore the world by putting things into their mouths, so handwashing and cleanliness are crucial in this stage of their life. Handwashing should be a healthy habit from a young age, teach your children to wash their hands before and after food and play.

RICO Baby & Kids Hand Wash is designed with 4 naturally derived ingredients for all baby skin types, for cleaning your child’s hands with natural antibacterial properties. ELLEAD - A Korean standard board has certified RICO Baby & Kids Hand Wash to be 0.0% no skin irritation. This hypoallergenic RICO product does not contain any chemical additives or synthetic materials that might irritate your little one’s hands.


RICO Top to Toe Body Wash



Choose an organic, natural baby body wash for your precious little ones. Many baby body wash brands contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Parabens which are detergent ingredients that do not benefit your baby and might harm their skin. Natural body washes are suitable for baby skin as they are full of antioxidants that will protect their body. Having a hydrating baby body wash will prevent skin issues such as eczema, rashes, and dry skin.

RICO Top to Toe Body Wash is made with 4 naturally derived ingredients (Certified organic Calendula, Chamomile, Centella Asiatica and Portulaca Oleracea) and 2 special oils (Olive and Calendula) to help hydrate & nourish baby’s delicate hair and skin. Calendula has antifungal and antibacterial properties that keep active ingredients in your baby’s skin. With these natural ingredients in this baby wash, you can assure that this wash is safe for your little one.


RICO Sensitive Baby Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes



The skin microbiome has a variety of bad microbes looking to cause diseases to the body. As a parent, using wet wipes for babies are like hand sanitizers, we use them to clean after their food, play, or during and after a diaper change. It is important to keep the environment safe for your baby as they are extremely vulnerable to germs, bacteria, and diseases. Wet wipes are extremely helpful when wiping skin folds during the changing of your baby’s nappy area as it is constantly exposed to waste and wetness.

RICO Sensitive Baby Hand & Mouth Wet Wipes can be used to clean your baby’s face, hands, mouth and around the eyes, safe for the hands and mouth, for the baby’s bottom and for adults and pregnant women. The wet wipes do not irritate the nose even after wiping repeatedly. The wet wipes are made with 7 steps of extreme grade ultrapure water, have proven 0.0% skin irritation certification, and are softened with a high-pressure water jet instead of chemicals making it safe for babies and kids. The natural and certified organic Calendula is a carrier oil typically used in herbalism that acts as a softening agent on the skin.


For Your Little One’s Protection

Newborn babies are fragile and have little protection from the environment, it is important to keep the baby and their surroundings safe from infections. It is also important to make sure that anyone who handles your baby has clean hands as well.


RICO Baby Laundry Soap Bar



Although normal detergent is as effective as baby-safe detergent, our baby’s bodies are not capable of dealing with harsh, toxic chemicals and other contaminants found in other products. Using a hypoallergenic laundry soap for babies can prevent allergy breakouts, skin rashes, skin, and eye irritations. It is important to get a detergent with natural ingredients that are free of dyes and fragrances to prevent irritation on your little one’s skin.

RICO Baby Laundry Soap Bar has natural ingredients and high purity soap powder (99.3%) that helps to clean baby clothes stained with spit, waste, breast milk and milk formula effectively while not causing skin irritation. The laundry soap bar has natural Calendula or Acacia scents that are certified 100% no skin irritation for safely using on your baby’s clothing. Calendula extracts have antiviral, antigenotoxic and anti-inflammatory properties and are used commonly in suspensions or tinctures in herbalism. This soap bar has a 99.9% test result from the removal of germs and bacteria after washing baby clothing.


RICO Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Wet Wipes



Anti-bacterial baby wipes are one of the best measures against bad germs and bacteria in the home. Your little curious one will probably get on all kinds of surfaces, to easily manage the stains, bacteria and bad things all around the home, just give the surfaces a quick wipe to freshen and disinfect your home.

Babies have a lower immunity against bacteria and germs which might cause illnesses and skin conditions when not handled properly. RICO Anti-Bacterial Sanitizing Wet Wipes is made of natural ingredients such as Calendula (antifungal and antibacterial oil) that are safe for babies and kids while eliminating germs and bacteria effectively. These sanitizing wet wipes are suitable for cleaning high touch areas such as baby toys, stroller, car seat, baby products, the dining table, and other surfaces. Just give the surface an easy, quick wipe for instant sanitizing!


RICO Baby Bottle Cleanser

Babies have weaker immune systems that are not able to fight off a range of infections. It’s important to help them stay healthy to reduce the possibility of getting sick in the first place. Bacteria are attracted to growing and colonising in milk; therefore, it is important to sterilise all milk bottles and feeding equipment before feeding your baby. Remember to remove and separate all parts of the bottle and feeding equipment when you wash them.

RICO Baby Bottle Cleanser cleans effectively and gently for the little ones, the rich bubble foam texture helps to clean milk residue in the milk bottles and does not cause irritation as it is made of organic Calendula and food additives. Organic Calendula in the baby bottle cleanser also has a natural anti-bacterial effect to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria effectively.


All Wrapped Up - Baby Care Made Easy for Busy Parents

When caring for your baby, remember that babies have lower immunity and are vulnerable to illnesses and other conditions as compared to adults. It is always crucial to keep your little ones safe and healthy from any germs, bacteria, and dirt while their immune system grows stronger over time.

Learn more about RICO Total Baby Care essentials here.

Browse our online store for all your baby’s growing needs and feel free to send us an enquiry if you have any questions.


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