TeaCM Eye Power 亮睛睛 (10 teabags / box)

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Tea Benefits 功效

Promotes Healthy Vision & Eye Health

Do you spend long hours looking at the screen? Are you experiencing headaches, eye pain or blurred vision while frequently squinting and rubbing your eyes? These could be signs of eye fatigue.

Specially curated by TCM physicians from EMW Physiotherapy and TCM, Eye Power employs TCM philosophy to help reduce fatigue and promote better eye health.

Helps with:

  • Excessive OTs
  • Late Night Drama Marathon
  • Bloodshot Eyes
  • Blurred Vision

Key Ingredients

  • Cassia Seeds 决明子
    Nourish Liver and improve vision
  • Wolfberry 枸杞子
    Nourish Liver and Kidney, promote Essence and vision

Goji Berry, Cassia Seed, Chamomile, Mulberry Fruit, Peppermint, Stevia Leaf

How It Helps 帮助

Nourish & Tonify Liver & Kidney

Nourish & Tonify Liver & Kidney

How To Prepare 冲泡

Add to teabag 200ml of hot water (~95°C). Infuse for 12-15mins (longer duration for a stronger taste). Take one sachet each time, once daily.

加入 200 毫升热水 (~95°C)。浸泡 12-15 分钟。浸泡时间长,味道更浓。每日饮用一次。

Storage: Keep in cool dry place.

Important 注意

Use with caution in pregnancy, lactation, children and undiagnosed abdominal symptoms such as pain, nausea or vomiting. Use with caution in individuals with cold deficiencies in spleen and stomach or with loose stool. Avoid prolonged use. No known side effects.

Allowed for sales as a Chinese Proprietary Medicine based on information submitted to the Authority. Consumer discretion is advised.



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