Terms & Conditions

Application of Terms & Conditions

  1. The clauses in these general terms & conditions supersede all terms and conditions printed on customer’s documentation such as purchase order, invoices and delivery note.
  2. No terms or conditions endorsed or delivered in any documents will amend or vary the provisions of these General Terms & Conditions. Customer will waive any right which it might have to rely on such terms and conditions.


  1. All pricing for both reseller program and customer price lists are subject to alteration from time to time at the discretion of Adertek without prior notice.

Delivery and Self-collection

  1. Customer shall provide unimpeded and safe access for delivery by Adertek or authorized delivery contractors engaged by Adertek. Customer shall be liable for damages to Adertek’s vehicles if unimpeded and safe access is not provided.
  2. For orders that are not accepted due to wrong delivery address will result in items being sent back to Adertek. Customer will need to arrange for self-collect at Adertek’s office.
  3. Re-delivery can be arranged and the cost will be payable by Customer. Full payment for re-delivery must be made before re-delivery is arranged.
  4. For self-collection at Adertek’s office or authorized location, all expenses incurred for travelling to the location such as parking charges and transport cost will be payable by customers and not claimable from Adertek.
  5. Adertek will provide necessary equipment such as trolleys, where available, to assist customer in moving goods from the self-collection location to their vehicles. All equipment provided must be returned to Adertek’s office before leaving the building.
  6. Adertek will not provide labour for moving of goods outside of Adertek’s office or authorized location.

Warranty & Exclusions

  1. Adertek is not responsible for the warranty of non-Adertek branded products. Products with warranty will be serviced by respective service centers indicated on the warranty card or brand’s website.
  2. Adertek is not liable for any personal injury, death, losses and/or damage suffered due to the use of non-Adertek branded products.
  3. For Adertek branded products, Adertek will not be liable for any personal injury, death, losses and/or damage suffered due to customer’s negligence when using the product.