Is your child play area messy?

To many of us, home is a safe sanctuary where we come back to after a long tiring day at work. Our homes are often an extension of ourselves as it reflect our attitudes, goals, values, roles, and priorities.

Imagine how much distress an individual could be in when they come home to a house that looked pretty much like a war had happened within the compounds?

Here are the possible effects of a messy and cluttered house on you and your family members!

1. Creates Stress

After a long and hard day at work, the last thing you want is to come back to a big pile of mess, especially one that is not created by you! Seeing a pile of clutter could easily overwhelm the senses, making it hard for you and your family members to relax mentally and physically.

For an instance, a simple and supposedly de-stressing activity like watching the television could be disrupted by hounding thoughts of chores waiting to be cleared.

In addition, when the whole house is in an absolute mess, chances are the person cleaning it has no idea where to start from hence creating a sense of dread and anxiety - further exacerbating stress levels.

2. Affects Concentration

Excess things in your surroundings can negatively impact your level of concentration and your ability to process information. Imagine trying to work in a room that is full of toys strewn over the floors and desks, it is hard not to get distracted!

In addition, finding essential tools and documents required for your work becomes immensely difficult in a disorganized and messy environment ultimately drawing more time and attention away from your actual task. 

3. Dangerous & Hazardous

A messy home does have more tendencies to throw up some serious tripping hazards. While tripping might sound like a minor issue, some can have awful consequences especially in the case of toys. Simply accidentally stepping on a toy with sharp edges or even one with wheels or rollers could prove to be lethal.

4. Discourages Interaction

You’d be surprise how a messy home has detrimental effects on relationships. One likely issue that will arise from a messy home would be the kind of guilt and embarrassment fostered in the home owners.

Fearing the kind of judgement that they might receive from outsiders, messy home owners may decline people from dropping by their homes, thus limiting or even cutting off time socializing with close friends and relatives.

This in return could further exacerbate feelings of isolation and depression amongst homeowners. In addition, in the event where only one person is cleaning up the mess will cause tension and resentment within the household, leading to possible arguments within the family.


Are you one of those who could strongly relate to the points mentioned above? Well, not to worry! In our next article, we will be sharing with you some ways on how to minimize the mess in your home, especially if you have a child!

Stay tuned!