MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag (10bags*250ml) with Oxygen Barrier, Pour Spout & Temperature Sensor

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Why Should We Use MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag?

MUST HAVE Feature 1 - Oxygen & Light Barrier

Made of double layer premium LDPE/PET plastics that are freezer safe and provide an additional layer of oxygen barrier to slow down oxidizing of breastmilk enzyme. This will preserve breast milk freshness and taste after freezing.

Another factor that can cause oxidization in milk is light exposure which is also why our milk bags are not transparent. 

Without the oxygen and light barrier, oxidization of breastmilk enzyme will accelerate hence generating a smell/odour which most parents are familiar with when they use single layer storage.

MUST HAVE Feature 2 - Avoid cross-contamination

Does this sound familiar - "Wash your hands, put your thumb into the milk bag mouth, unzip/pull apart defrosted breast milk bag, pour out breast milk from the very same mouth you just stuck your thumb into?"

Chances of contaminating the defrosted breastmilk had just increased by just the above actions! Worse still if your finger was wet.

With MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag, you can avoid cross-contamination as you just have to snip/tear off the pouring spout to pour the liquid gold out.

MUST HAVE Feature 3 - Genius Thermometer

Babies prefer their milk to be warm (~40-50°C) BUT warming up to optimal temperature is so troublesome.

However, with MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag, you don't have to test the temperature with your wrist anymore! The breast milk temperature will be indicated on the milk bag's temperature chart. No more cold or hot milk for your baby!

MUST HAVE Feature 4 - Day & Night Indicator Tab

Did you know that breastmilk expressed during the day or night have different levels of melatonin and cortisol? Melatonin (regulating sleep) is more concentrated during night pump while cortisol (increase alertness) is typically highest during the day.

Offering your baby "mistimed" milk may cause them to be more awake when they should be sleeping and vice versa!

You will find the day (sun/cloud) & night (moon/stars) icon conveniently located at the top right corner of the milk bag. Simply circle the corresponding time for easy identification among all your milk bags!

Milk Bag Capacity: 250ml

Expiration Date: June 2027


MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag has a pourable spout to help get breast milk into bottles without spilling a drop. It helps to ease your breast-to-bottle journey by making breast milk storage less hectic and more hygienic. 

  • FDA certified & BPA Free
  • Oxygen barrier - slow down the oxidizing of breastmilk enzyme which are the cause of breast milk odour
  • Reduce contamination - MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bags comes with separate milk pouring spout instead of using the same bag's mouth which could have been contaminated by germs on dirty thumbs & fingers.
  • Genius thermometer - Built-in heat sensor for perfect feeding temperature
  • Day and night indicator tab for easy labelling on daytime and nighttime breastmilk
  • Premium grade plastic - 2 thick layers of premium LDPE/PET plastic with 0.5mm edge seal prevent the leaking of breast milk
  • Contains 10 bags per box
  • Double zip lock for leak-proof and tight sealing
  • Write-on-tab designated area allows the name, date and volume to be written clearly without any risk of ink contamination and puncturing the bag
  • Safe for refrigerator/freezer storage
  • Wide and sturdy opening for easy filling
  • Self-standing bottom for effective storage and thawing – easily sit or lay flat on your freezer shelf for fast freezing and thawing
  • Clean and safe - MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag ensures cleanliness is pre-sterilized and uses only baby-safe material that is free from carcinogens (BPA Free)


    How To Use MyLO Breast Milk Storage Bag

    1. Before filling, label the storage bag with the date, time & circle day/night which the milk was expressed
    2. With a pair of clean hands, gently tear off the seal on top and pull secondary zip-seal apart
    3. NEVER touch the inner walls of the storage bag or blow into the milk bag to avoid contamination
    4. Pour the expressed breast milk into the bag
    5. Push out any remaining air after pouring
    6. Reseal the zip to secure breast milk bag
    7. For use, refer to the Genius thermometer and temperature index chart
    8. When the milk is ready, gently tear off the spout seal to pour into a feeding bottle

    Tips to Warm Up the Milk

    • Freezer
      Thaw frozen milk in the refrigerator overnight or under running/warm water (max 37°C)
      After thawing, carefully pour the milk out into a feeding bottle to warm up
    • Refrigerator
      Carefully pour the milk out into a feeding bottle to warm up
      Or place the bag in a container of warm water under 40°C


    • Thaw frozen milk before heating
    • Best temperature for heating is 50-60°C
    • Do not boil or microwave

    Storage Guideline

    Room Temperature (25°C)  4 - 6 hours
    Refrigerator (0 to 3.9°C)  3 - 5 days
    Freezer with separated door (-18°C) 3 - 4 months
    Deep Freezer (-20°C) 6 months or longer


    • Do not fill the bag to the brim
    • Leave some space at the top to allow for expansion during freezing
    • Store it in an upright position
    • Always use the oldest stock first 

    After usage:

    • Do not reuse
    • Discard any leftover milk 
    • Discard the storage bag

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Elizabeth Kow
    BM Storage bags and mosquito patch

    I love their BM storage bags, I buy them regularly. First time buying mosquito patch, I bought GB as most value for money.

    Khole Lim
    Best storage bags !

    Have been using other different brands of storage bags , so far MYLO are the best for me to use ! And also value for money !

    Angelia Sim

    Good and fast delivery

    Loretta (Singapore, Singapore)
    Good product purchase

    Was recommended by my friend, tried a few other brands but still prefers this over the rest. Love their milk storage bag because of their quality, the hygienic pour spout and the colour coded temperature sensor.

    Jing (Singapore, Singapore)
    My preferred breast milk storage bag

    I like the material, non slippery, that makes it easy for me to hold while pouring breast milk in it, reasonable price. Worth the buy

    Jas (Singapore, Singapore)
    My LO breast milk storage bags

    I like that the milk does not leak no matter how I store the bag. It has double zip lock to keep milk fresh and i can warm up the milk directly using the bag. Also the edges are not sharp and do not cut my fingers like other brands. I hope that the bag is transparent instead of pink translucent.

    Hi Jas,

    Thanks for your feedback & glad that it is working well.

    Regarding the transparency of our milk bags, it is not made transparent as light can also cause oxidization in milk. Similarly to oxygen, the oxidization process will result in rancid smell/taste after prolong exposure.

    MyLO milk bags are purposely made to slow down oxidization as long as it can to ensure freshness of milk for our baby.

    Thank you!
    Adertek Baby & Kids