With an IFAM Play Yard, the next thing you need would be Play Yard Accessories to enhance safety and toys to increase the fun factor for staying in the play yard. Here’s how we can help you with IFAM selected range of accessories and toys. Read on to find out more about Safety Holders.

Safety Holders

When the little one grows older, they will be pushing boundary trying to expand their play area by pushing the play yard panels.

Although the play yard will not topple under their push, their strength would be strong enough to push the play yard out of shape.

Out of shape play yards

That's where the safety holders come in. The safety holders will hold the panels in place hence preventing it from going out of shape.

Play yard with safety holders

The safety holders fit perfectly between 2 panels, and comes with a separator to ensure both panels are secured evenly.

No more out of shape play yards anymore