The nightmare parents go through possibly on a daily basis-seeing that your child’s room is in an utter mess but not knowing where and how to start the tidying-up process. And what are the common items which often accumulate fast and contribute to the never-ending mess? Toys, clothes and books.

In this post, we’d give you some simple and easy tips on how to start organizing your kid’s room.


  • Throw away all the trash

The first and most obvious thing to do as you embark on the journey of organizing your kid’s room- clear out the trash sitting in the room. Don’t just skim the surface, look in the drawers, cupboards and even underneath the bed; things that are already torn or broken must go-into the trash that is!

Clearing out the junk in the room is vital as it is only after they are gone can you then tell more clearly how you should go about organizing the things that remain.


  • Clothes- Keep, Donate or Store

For starters, let’s not forget that kids grow up so, so fast. More often than not, kid’s clothing accumulates quite quickly without most parents even realizing. Over a short span of time, your little one would have many clothes that he or she have grown out of or no longer fancy. Instead of keeping these clothes which they obviously no longer use or can fit into, why not choose to put them to better use or store them properly until they need it again?


You could begin the sorting by creating 3 piles:

#1: Keep – These will be the clothes that your little one really like and is still wearing or are still in season.

IFAM Elephant Storage Rack for toys and clothes

Did you know most of IFAM’s furniture are tailored to suit young kids? For example, the Elephant Storage Rack (featured above) will be perfect for storing your little one’s clothes where he or she can easily reach out for as the rack height is not too high. Also, one important safety feature to highlight is that IFAM’s furniture are made with no sharp or protruding edges, so there is no need to worry about your little one getting hurt if they were to accidentally knock into the edges of the organizer.


 #2: Donate – Clothes that your child no longer likes wearing, is out of season, or simply the ones which your child have outgrown belong in this pile. Instead of throwing these typically good-conditioned and functional clothing, donating them to the needy would be a much better idea. However, having said that, if you do find clothes that are already stained or too worn out, do refrain from donating them.


#3: Storage – If you are perhaps planning to have another child and would like to hand some of the clothes down, or for seasonal clothes (i.e. winter jackets etc.), these clothes can be folded, stored and put away in a closed cupboard or drawer (to prevent dust accumulation).

Elephant Storage Organizer with huge capacity

Pssst…did we ever mention how we love the huge capacity that the IFAM Elephant Storage Organizer can take? Perfect for bulkier clothing (i.e. winter clothes)


  • Toys

It is not surprising for kids to have heaps of toys but they should be properly stored and organized so that the room will look neat and tidy. To achieve this, perhaps sit down with your little one and sort out the toys they have together. Similar to what you have done with their clothing, start by sorting them into 3 categories, keep, donate or store.

They should only keep the toys that either they have formed a deep emotional connection with (like their favorite toy car, soft toy etc.) or things they truly enjoy using currently. 

In addition, while doing so, you could also get them to decide on a particular place where they would like their toys to be kept; this may in return encourage your little one to keep their toys on their own whenever they are done playing with them.

Easy Double Storage Organizer suitable for toys and books storage

A good option to consider would be our IFAM Double Storage Organizer. Like a treasure trove, it is large and spacious enough to store little one’s toys (be it big or small!) in one place!


  • Books- Buy only when ready to throw

Now you can turn your attention to the next culprit for the mess you see- storybooks!

It is certainly a joy to see your little one picking up reading as his or her hobby at such a young age but the never-ending books that are piling up on the floor and table must certainly stop!

To better organize your little one’s story books, consider getting a bookshelf for him or her. With the bookshelf, not only will it help to make everything look neater, your little one will also be able to display the books and easily reach out for them. The available shelf space will also be a good indication as to when it is time for him or her to give away some books before they acquire new ones.

Alternatively, for those books that are still useful but not being reached out for as frequently, you could choose to store them in storage spaces with lids. Again, this is to protect the books from dust and also to keep potential pests out from sight! 

Easy Bookshelf - Front Facing Bookshelf with Toy Storage


Liking our tip here? You may then want to consider getting our IFAM Easy Book Shelf as not only does it allow your little one to display the books that he or she frequently use, the book shelf also comes with storage boxes with lids where you can safely tuck away books that not as frequently used.

Now there you have these tips for starters, try it out and let us know if they’re helpful!


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