The Essential Diaper Bag Checklist for Babies & Toddlers

Heading out for a family outing always sounds very exciting but what is daunting to many parents is-what exactly do they have to pack for their little one? There seems to be an endless list of things that has to be packed or is there really? We know that dilemma, and so we are here to help you out a little.

Fine tune your diaper bag check-list so you and your partner do not find yourselves lugging around things that are actually unnecessary!

  • Hand Sanitizer

This cannot be left out, especially in a time of a pandemic. Given that your little one will be out and possibly touching everything that he or she sees (imagine how exposed he or she would be to germs), it is important to sanitize their hands regularly.

Well actually not theirs only, yours too- you will likely at some point of time be handling or preparing your child’s food or drink, as such you’d want to ensure that your hands are squeaky clean!

  • Diapers

Don’t forget the diapers! Depending on the duration that you will be out for, it is a must to prepare some diapers along with you so you can change your little one out of the soiled ones. Depending on the age of your child, you will likely need about 1 fresh diaper for every 2 hours that you and your little one are outdoors; it is a good idea to prepare a couple more than needed just in case you decide to stay outdoors a little longer than expected.


The multi-tasking essential that is a must for all diaper bags. Not only can it be used to freshen your little one up, it comes in handy also to ensure the surfaces that you or your little one may touch is clean as well. For purposes like these, we would like to recommend our RICO Range of Wet Wipes. Most of RICO products made from naturally derived ingredients and hence will be very gentle of your child’s delicate skin.

RICO Baby Sensitive Wipes

For an all-rounder wet wipe, you could try our RICO’s Sensitive Range of Wet Wipes. Not only can it be used to clean your child’s bum bum, it can also be used to wipe his or her mouth and hands as the wipes are catered for sensitive skin!

In a time where hygiene is more important than ever, bringing along RICO’s Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes is also essential. To protect yourself and your little one against germs and bacteria, do give a quick wipe down of surfaces that you might touch in public areas. For example, in the diaper changing room, use our RICO anti-bacterial surface wipe to wipe the child changing station’s table before placing your little one down.

It would also be a good idea to give high-touch surfaces and areas like public tables and benches a good quick wipe before sitting down to have a meal.

RICO Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Dengue is always a serious cause of concern for parents so it is always recommended for parents to have with them insect repellent or at mosquito repellent patches with them some have more deet concentration (ideal concentration: 10-30% deet) which is not ideal for younger kids to use for prolonged periods as the chemical if absorbed in high amounts by the skin could be toxic.

MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch

Not to worry here, we have you covered! Try out our MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patches. The patches are made with 100% Natural Plant-based ingredients, deet-free and are non-toxic in nature thus making them highly suitable for both babies and even pregnant mothers to use! Conveniently packed into individual packets to ensure maximum hygiene, just slip a few packets into your bag and you are good to go!

Bonus: You’d be also glad to know that many of our customers have shared with us that our patches do not leave behind any sticky residue when peeled off clothes so yay!

  • Extra clothes

A set or two of extra outfit is encouraged. When out, it is inevitable that ‘accidents’ may happen (e.g. spit-up, spillage of food or drinks on clothes, soiling of clothes) in which your baby will then a change of clothes.

  • Food for Baby

Be it pumped breast milk, baby food or instant milk formula, determine how many feedings-worth your little one will require when out and pack accordingly! For powdered milk formula, pre-pack some milk powder into a separate small container or formula dispenser so you do not have to lug the entire can out. Do not forget to also bring 1-2 empty milk bottles and enough water out for the milk feeds!

For pumped breastmilk, mummies can consider storing them in MisterFox’s Breast Milk Bag. The breast milk bags are made of double layer premium PE & Nylon plastics that is freezer safe and also provides an oxygen barrier to prevent oxidizing of breastmilk enzyme hence preserving breast milk freshness and taste even after freezing.

 MisterFox Milk Bag with Pourable Sprout to prevent cross contamination

What is even better is that they are easy to bring out; the breast milk bags are disposable and way more compact to bring around as compared to having to bring along multiple storage and milk bottles everywhere you go.


Lastly, as kids do have the tendency to become hungry quite frequently,  you may also want to bring along with you some light snacks stored in a ziplock bag or small container.


So there you have it! We hope this list will help you to narrow down the key items to bring along with you on your next outing out with your little one! 😊


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