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IFAM Play Yard Comparison Chart

Next up on our assembly guide - IFAM Baby Play Yards!

We have received many questions such as installation guide, is it hard to assemble, suitable for what mats etc. for our Play Yards and Toy Organizers. These are very good questions which helps the savvy parents make the best decision.

Therefore, we are coming up with a series of IFAM assembly guides to cover IFAM Play Yards and Toy Organizers.

First up on our list...

IFAM Assembly Guide - Play Yards

IFAM range of Play Yards are extremely easy to fix and this step by step guide will show you why is that so!

Build Birch Baby Play Yard in 10 mins!

Birch Baby Play Yard Assembly Guide


Step 1: Unboxing and laying them out

IFAM Birch Baby Play Yard comes with 12pcs play yard panels with 3 different sizes, connectors and non-slip levelers. You can also get extra play yard panels and add on activity panel to make the play yard bigger.

Birch Baby Play Yard Components

*3 steps installation guide is included in the booklet too!

Step 2: Keep the play yard setup sturdy with Non-Slip Leveler

With everything laid out, the next step is to fix the non-slip leveler to each panel.

Birch Baby Play Yard Non-Slip Leveler
Non Slip Leveler Assembly


Step 3: Connect the panels

Once the non-slip leveler has been fixed, simply hook up each panel and connect the panels with connectors. Adjust the non-slip leveler to the perfect height to complete the play yard setup!

How to Connect Birch Baby Play Yard

How Birch Baby Play Yard Connectors Work
If you are using MyLO LUXE Baby Foldable Play Mat or any 200x140cm play mat, do note that the door panel can only be fixed at the width side only!

Birch Baby Play Yard setup for 200x140cm mat

    You are done! JOB COMPLETED!

    Birch Baby Play Yard setup assembled

    For Baby First Play Yard Assembly, the process are quite similar too!

    Baby First Play YardBaby First Play Yard is safe and no protruding accessories that can hurt your LO


    Step 1: Unboxing

    IFAM Baby First Play Yard comes with 10pcs play yard panels and non-slip pads. You can also get full set safety holders to keep your play yard in shape or add extra play yard panels to expand the play yard.

    Baby First Play Yard Unboxing


    Step 2: Attach non-slip circular support to play yard panels

    Each panel comes with 2 non-slip circular pads to increase frictional force and make your play yard setup sturdier!

    How To Fix Non-Slip Pads on IFAM Play Yards


    Step 3: Hook them up!

    Simply connect the panels by hook up each panel. You can hear a clear "dok" sound if you attached it correctly.

    How to connect Baby First Play Yard

    If you are using MyLO LUXE Baby Foldable Play Mat or any 200x140cm play mat, do note that the 65cm panel (the panel with 3 holes) can only be fixed at the length side only!

    How to Fix IFAM Baby First Play Yard


    Hoorayy! The setup is now complete!

    Baby First Play Yard assembled

    Baby First Play Yard in Action!

    Baby First Play Yard Customer Shared Photos

    *p.s. above pictures provided by our AWESOME customers!

    Easy isn't it?

    Alright, we are done with the installation guide for IFAM play yards. If you are looking for customized play yard dimension or have any other questions, leave a comment below or email us at ask.ade@adertek.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

    Stay tune for our 2nd part, Toy Organizers assembly guide!


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