IFAM Indoor Slides come in different sizes for little ones from 6 months to 6 years old. Although the size of each slide grow bigger for bigger kids, the method to assemble each of them remains the same. Read on to find out more!

Step 1 - Un-boxing

Un-boxing of IFAM indoor slides

Step 2 - Fitting the anti slip pads

All slides come with silicon anti slip pad

Step 3 - Align the steps and slides

This step is slightly tricky. You need to match each pin to their corresponding holes on the panels using the shape - rectangle, square or circle. If you have fixed IFAM toy organizers before, then this would be easy.

Align steps and slides

Align and fix slide's step and slide body

Step 4 - Tighten each side with screw caps and cover

Important step - remember to cover each screw cap to prevent your little ones from mingling with it.

Cover each screw cap with a cap cover to protect your little ones

You are done!

Indoor slide is fixed! Easy as A-B-C

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