Your baby’s early stages are highly important, and keeping him/her engaged during this time is crucial. Creating a ‘safe zone’ for your baby or toddler is another additional step you need to take. Hence, it makes sense to do your research before settling for any play yard on the market.

To create the ultimate baby play yard we've taken into consideration the most important needs of your young one, i.e. their safety and enjoyment. You might consider saving money on something that’s presented as budget friendly, but being the most affordable doesn't mean it’s the best.We have compiled an essential guide to help you choose the ultimate play yard for your child. In it, we'll show you some of the most important features a good play yard must have. 

Read on to learn what a great play yard and playpen should be like, so you know what's best for your children.

Parent Guide to Play Yard


Here’s a more in-depth version for your reference:

How to Choose a Good Play Yard?

Here are some of the most important features a good play yard should have:

Secure Door Panel

It's never enough to talk about safety, so here's something about baby playpens with doors. Babies and especially toddlers love to explore. If the door doesn't have a well-secured panel, the baby might simply crawl off the playpen. Toddlers and children that walk might even open the door, so you need to be sure that there is a door lock that won't be opened to easily and won't let the kids get out of the safe zone. View the Baby Play Yard Accessories available at Adertek Baby & Kids here.

Safety Certification Seal

There are strict rules for child safety everywhere in the world. They differ from country to country, but if the product says it meets the safety regulations of Korea, then you can be sure you have a great product as Korean safety regulations are among the strictest in the world. That's why you should always check for the safety certification seal.

For instance, products that have certifications from CE, SGS Korea, or KTC Korea are considered high quality. If the play yard you like is certificated with some of these, you can be sure you have a great product.

Country of Origin

It is no lie, the country of origin is very important. Always look for country of origin with strict safety regulations and safety testing for baby and child furniture. For a start, Korea is one of the best to start with. Look for some of the certificates we mentioned above in the safety certification seal section.

Design Aesthetic

Experience has shown that more natural designs and colors are desired by parents. For example, a nice combination of white and grey will create a feeling of relaxation, and also matches the interior of the house perfectly. Pink and white on the other hand, is a soft and lovely perceptual color, whereas mint and white adds liveliness and charm to your décor.


There are lots of styles when it comes to baby play yards. Some are traditional, some modern, but in the end, it all depends on the parent's taste. The most important thing is to choose a style with lovely colors and a pleasing design that will fit in the rest of the living space. At the same time it should also be joyful for the children – as their enjoyment is most important.


The type of play yard you need depends mostly on the age of the child. As the child grows, you'll need a type of play yard that offers more features. When the child is only crawling, a simple fence and a few small toys are just enough, but for kids that are over two years, you'll need more activities in the play yard - additional toys, better protection of the fence, etc. IFAM offers a wide collection of additional toys, sliders, and accessories that will entertain your kids.

Non-Toxic, Baby-Safe Material

A lot of manufacturers use second hand or prefabricated materials and colors, so make sure you are getting the best. Play yards must be made with completely new and fresh materials and colors. Old and used materials are toxic and are considered a serious health threat to kids. Even BBC wrote about the hazardous elements old and used materials contain. That's why you should always use play yards made of 100% fresh materials. 

Safety Within the Play Yard

We do not recommend play yards with fanciful accessories because these small parts create protruding accessories that will become dangerous when the baby trip and fall while learning to crawl and walk. We recommend getting a playpen that is free of loose pieces and sharp edges. Also, make sure there are no small parts that the children can put in their mouth and swallow. What we encourage parents do is to put in activities to make the play yard fun and remove it when the child is learning to crawl or walk. 


If you don't like the play yard to be fixed all the time, it would be great if it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Also, if you live in a relatively smaller place, it would be great if you can put the whole thing back in its case when the kids are not using it and then quickly assemble it again.

Another option when portability is an issue, is wheels. Some playpens are placed on wheels and can be easily transported from one place to the other in the house. However, this can make the whole playpen shaky and unstable, and unless well secured, can pose as a danger to the kids. That's why the best option for your children and you as a parent is to have a fixed play yard. 

Effortless Cleanup Options

It's very important to have a play yard that is easy to maintain. Children love to make a mess and as a parent, there's nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do is to get a play yard that's easy to clean. You should be looking at playpens with parts that are simple to reassemble and are easy to take out and wash. Also, that's why plastic is among the best materials for baby playpens, it is easy to be wiped and cleaned at all times.

Materials used

Some of the most popular materials for play yards around the world are wood, metal, and polyethylene. The last one, also known as plastic is probably the most popular choice for kids' play yards. It is because the material is easy to maintain and is excellent in situations when kids fall on the ground. The plastic play yards are blow-moulded which means that they are filled with air inside. This ensures that the kids stay safe – if they happen to trip and knock against it. 


Think about what your child needs the most, and what features you think are the most important. After you read through the list of features described above, you'll have a better picture of what a good play yard is. We hope this will help you make the best decision.

Regardless of whether you intend on taking your play yard to different locations, or want it to be a permanent fixture in your home, choosing wisely is important. 

Ensure safe nap-times and fun-filled play times for your baby now. Use our in-depth guide to select the right play yard  for your little one today!

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