IFAM 3-in-1 Premium Toddler Potty Toilet Seat and Step Stool (1-6 yo)

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3-in-1 Premium Toddler Potty Toilet Seat and Step Stool provides toilet training for boys & girls who are learning how to control their bowel movement.

This child toilet training seat will help them to explore and enjoy the process of potty training and will grow with your child as they progress in their potty training!

A child always wants to follow their parents in doing certain things such as using the toilet. However, adult toilets can be too big for a child at the start which will make them feel uncomfortable or scared.

3-in-1 Premium Potty is the perfect size for your little one - toilet seat tailored to their small and cute hip line with smooth curve edge. Designed to resemble an adult toilet which will reduce resistance later when using adult toilet seats.


Potty: Length 390 x Width 313 x Height 360(mm)
Potty Holder: Length 237 x Width 172 x Height 150(mm)

More Details

  • Tissue holder behind the potty allows children access to tissue easily and learn to wipe after their potty
  • Fun potty training experience with flush button that replica of the real toilet and stimulate your child's curiosity
    • Note: You need 2 x AAA batteries for the flush sound
    • The battery box is not waterproof, use only wet wipes/wet cloth to clean this area

3-in-1 Premium Potty Safety

  • Safety handle allows younger children to hold and sit securely without having a fear of falling
  • Non-slip silicones are attached to the bottom of potty to prevent it from moving 

3-in-1 Premium Potty Cleanliness

  • Removable PU toilet cover for easy cleaning
  • Comes with toilet lid to teach your child to cover up after their potty
  • Easily wash the potty holder for your child next use
  • Designed in curve edges to ensure urine flow in the right direction and prevent urine leakage

Product Info

  • Material: (Body) T30S, (Non-Slip) TPR, (Toilet Cover) PU
  • Age: 1-6 years old
  • Weight: max 25kg

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