How to organize your nursery

Being a new parent has many challenges, and when your environment is a mess, you may feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities. The way we organize our spaces can have a great impact on the way we feel and are able to handle our tasks throughout the day. We all know that babies need a lot of care and attention, and require a lot of clothing, furniture, and many other products. With so many things to store in your nursery, you may be wondering what is the best way to organize them.


This article will help you to check your inventory and understand the perfect places for all of your nursery items. It will also give you inspiration on how to divide your space, and what storage solutions you can try. Let’s make organizing fun and take the stress out of being a new parent. With your nursery organized, you can focus on the beautiful journey that is parenthood.


How to Organize Your Nursery: Tips to Creating Peace of Mind


Make a list

The first thing that should be done is creating a list as inventory. This means making sure you know what stuff you have, how many of everything you own, and where everything is. Once you know what you have, you can reflect on how this list makes you feel. Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you have too many things? Take this time to get rid of things or put things in storage that no longer serve your baby or the nursery.


Now, think about anything that you are missing. In this stage, make sure you have exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. This will help you to understand your needs, your baby’s needs, and how to turn your nursery into the perfect space.


Create zones 

Creating different zones in your nursery can help you organize how you go about your day and get everything done that needs doing. Make sure that you feel comfortable and there is a good flow to each zone and as a whole. Think about the different uses you need your nursery to provide. From nursing, changing diapers, putting the baby to sleep, playing, and storing all of your baby products; all of these things need a proper space.

In your nursing area, it is nice to have a comfortable seat for you and the baby. Make sure you can also use this space for you to relax with your baby. Another important area is the changing area. It is important to have a proper changing table or some sort of flat surface that allows you and your baby to be comfortable and have enough room to get everything taken care of. 


How to Organize Your Nursery: Tips to Creating Peace of Mind (Create Zone)


The next thing you need to think about is where your baby will sleep. Make sure the sleeping area is near to other areas, such as the nursing and changing area to make things easier. Next, create a zone with enough room for you and your baby to play. The play area can be near the storage area, so it is easy to put everything out of sight when you are finished playing. The storage area is a very important part, and there may be multiple storage zones depending on your needs and your space.


1. The nursing area 

The nursing area should be a quiet and relaxing area for you and your baby. Make sure it is comfortable and is close to all of the things you need, like a breastfeeding pillow, nursing pads or a nursing bra, and breastfeeding creams or lotions. Your nursing station should also have a nursing bag with all these things, so they will be on hand without any stress.


2. The changing area 

For the changing area, you can use a changing table, or you can have a changing station on top of a dresser. Using a dresser as the changing area will make things quite easy for you, when you need wipes, diapers, baby cream or other items that can be easily stored in or on top of the dresser. The best part about having a dresser is that you can easily access all of your baby clothes after you are finished changing your baby’s diaper. 


How to Organize Your Nursery: Tips to Creating Peace of Mind (Changing Area)


3. The sleeping area

When setting up a sleeping area for your baby, it’s best to make sure it is a quiet place that isn't close to any windows. Make sure that you have a crib that is safe for your baby. This also means that you should only have a crib mattress in the crib. Adding extra blankets or pillows are a safety hazard and should only be used as decoration. Instead, use a fitting sheet around the crib mattress and make sure your baby has sleeping clothing that keeps them warm.


How to Organize Your Nursery: Tips to Creating Peace of Mind (Sleeping Area)


4. The play area 

Now to the fun part! The play area is very important for your baby’s happiness and development, so don’t forget to pay attention to this area. Make sure there is a soft floor, using a carpet or a playmat where your baby can safely and comfortably play and move. Letting your baby explore the play area is a great way for them to learn, so it’s a good idea to keep some toys in their reach. As you know, it’s important that all of your baby’s toys are not small enough for them to put in their mouth. Try placing toys in your play area that are interactive. For example, toys that also make music are great for your baby’s cognitive development. Also try toys for language and motor skills. The options are endless, so have fun with it. 

  How to Organize Your Nursery: Tips to Creating Peace of Mind (Play Area)



Having enough storage can be a constant challenge for parents in the nursery. Try using things that are multi-purpose, such as using the dresser as the changing table, or using seating that doubles as storage containers. 

Baskets are also an easy storage solution for toys, blankets and other loose items that you use often. Not to mention, they are stylish! Looking for ideas? Browse our safe storage and toy organizers here. 


1. Organize your dresser 

Within your dresser, be sure not to put too much into each drawer, so you can have easy access to everything. Furthermore, it’s important not to overfill your drawers so you know exactly what you have, and where it is! In addition, try labeling your drawers. This way, you won’t have to think about what goes where. 


2. Get it off the floor! 

Another great tip is to get things off the floor that don’t have to be there. For example, books can be stored on wall shelving or child-friendly bookshelves. This way, you can display your favourite books while creating more space on the floor. Shelving is a great solution above the dresser as well, which can store all of your changing items so the changing space is free of clutter and organized. 


3. Make the most out of your closet 

If you have a closet in your nursery, make the most of it! A closet is a great place to take your organization to the next level. Try using hanging dividers if you have clothing for multiple children or seasons. Hooks are also a great option for accessories like headbands or hats. Adding extra shelving at the top or bottom of the closet will also help you to save space in the nursery. 

 How to Organize Your Nursery: Tips to Creating Peace of Mind (Cloth Storage)


Final tips 

When organizing your nursery, think about your needs and what is most important to you. You may not be able to accomplish all of your organizational goals at once, so make a list of what is most important for you. It’s also great to think about what your dream nursery would be. When you get thinking about the perfect nursery, you will find creative ways to transform your space so it’s functional for you and your baby.

Once you know what you need and want for your nursery, you can begin to implement some of these tips to make your nursery a place that is organized, functional, and gives you peace of mind.

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