Are you looking for that perfect gift for a new mom to make her life a little easier? It may be difficult to decide between a gift for her, or for the baby. You may be thinking of getting her a spa day or some candles to help her relax, however she may not be ready to leave her baby just yet. Instead, we think it’s a great idea to give her a useful gift to transition into motherhood and make this time as simple as possible. This way, she will be able to focus on what matters most: her beautiful newborn.
Perfect Gift Ideas for Baby Shower
From all the late-nights and long days of feeding, changing diapers, and organizing the nursery, there is not much time left over. For new mothers, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of parenthood. These 5 gifts for a new mother will help make her life simpler and hopefully allow her for some time to relax. Although it may be overwhelming to figure out what’s truly needed for a new baby, you can make an easy decision with these 5 great choices.
First on the list is the LIFESAVER 3in1 Bottle Cleaner, designed to wash, sterilize, and dry baby bottles and bottle accessories, and to keep them warm until they are ready for use. This product truly is a life-saver, as it will save parents countless hours washing, sterilizing, and drying their baby bottles. The Bottle Cleaner takes 90 minutes to do it’s work, which means less work for any new mother and more time for some much needed relaxation.
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Trimming a baby’s nails is no easy task, especially if you are a new mother. It may be intimidating to figure out how it’s done; if you cut the nails too short, you may cause an infection, yet if they grow too long, a baby may begin to scratch their skin. All of this means that trimming the nails of a baby can take time and practice to get right. Instead, why not give a new mother an electric nail trimmer to save her the time and stress of trimming her baby’s nails. Not only this, the LIFESAVER Electric Nail Trimmer is great for kids as well, so this is a gift which will be used for years to come. This pain-free method allows new mother’s feel confident trimming her baby’s nails and to expect great results.
MyLO Electric Nail Clipper Lifestyle Image (Credit: lyndie818)
As a new mother, her biggest concern is the baby’s safety. With the LUXE Baby Play Mat, her little one will have the confidence to play on a comfortable and durable play mat. This mat is perfect for teaching babies to sit, roll, crawl and walk with the ease of knowing that little ones will be safe. The mat is certified to protect little knees, wrists, hands, and joints while they play and learn. New mothers will have one less thing to worry about while their little one plays on this non-toxic play mat.
MyLO LUXE Baby Foldable Play Mat (4cm thick, waterproof) Lifestyle Image (Credit: 0028grace)
For the mommy on the go, the MisterFox Microwave Sterilizer Bags provide an easy and accessible option to steam and sterilize pumping equipment. New mothers can leave the heavy sterilizer at home, and bring the sterilizer bags with them anywhere. This is a great solution for mothers that need to travel or go to work, and allows them the comfort of knowing their milk and pumping accessories are clean and safe for their baby.
MisterFox Portable Microwave Sterilize Bag for Breast Pump, Milk Bottles and Pacifier
Unsure about what a new mother actually needs? Instead of gifting new mothers with many items that they might already have or don’t need multiples of, keep it simple and give them something they will actually use and appreciate. You can choose from the Basic, Starter or Premium Pack to give a new mom exactly what she needs. You can start with the Basic Pack, which comes with two sets of MyLO Mosquitos Patches and a RICO Laundry Soap Bar. For a little more, you can choose the Premium Pack, which also includes RICO Sensitive Wipes, Sanitizing Wipes and Signature Wipes, as well as RICO Hand Wash and Top to Toe Wash. The Adertek Baby Essential Gift Packs are a great option for a useful and meaningful baby shower gift.
Adertek Baby Essential Gifts Packs for Newborn Baby. Suitable for Baby Shower, Newborn Baby Gift
Finding the perfect gift for a new mother
When looking for the perfect gift for a new mother, make sure to consider how this will make her life simpler and more manageable. Rather than spending on items that may end up collecting dust on the shelf or somewhere in a landfill, consider gifts that have meaning, quality, and efficiency. We hope this list of gift ideas for your next baby shower has helped you find the perfect gift that will put a smile on any new mother’s face. Whether you choose from cleaners and sterilizers, heidene tools, play accessories, or a meaningful gift pack, there is no way to make the wrong decision with any of Aderteks’s trusted brands and products.
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