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*Clearance* Tick-tock Clock Game (5+ yo)

Brand: TOI Kids

S$22.00 S$39.00
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Help Time Traveller To Collect All The Gems!

An egg-shaped spaceship crushed into the TOi town and a little boy with a helmet got out of the spaceship.

Players have to complete four different games such as "Guess what time it is?", "Know the clock", "Time travel" and "One day of mine" to collect all gems and send time traveller back to his home.

Learning how to read and tell time independently helps toddlers to be more disciplined and understand the concept of punctuality.

Recommended for 5+ years old, 1-4 pax and 15 minutes per game.


Box Size: 22.5 x 21.5 x 5.5cm


  • Fun and educational, easy to play and learn within 5 minutes
  • Made from recyclable materials which are eco-friendly and safe for the environment
  • Gift-ready packaging suitable for kids gift 
  • Kids can learn to read and tell time independently
    Kids can learn to read and tell the time independently
  • Toddles would improve their time recognition and time planning
Kids would improve their time recognition and time planning

How To Play

  • Game 1: Guess What Time It Is? - Toss hour and minute hand dices, read out the time loudly then set the wooden clock to the corresponding time.Tick-tock Clock Game (What Time It Is Game Prep)
  • Game 2: Know The Clock - Flip a plan card on the top and read out the time on it, set the wooden clock to the corresponding time.
    Tick-tock Clock Game (Know The Clock Game Prep)
  • Game 3: Time Travel - All players have to help time traveller with his one day trip. Toss the dice in turns and set the time. When player arrives the "finish" spot, the game ends. The player with most gems wins the game.
    Tick-tock Clock Game - Time Travel Game Prep
  • Game 4: One Day Of Mine - Each player can pick a role and collect one set of plan cards. Match the time cards as soon as possible. The winner would get 3 gems.
    Tick-tock Clock Game - One Day Of Mine


CE, EN71

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