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Super Safety Kids Board Game (3+ yo)

Brand: TOI Kids

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Super Safety Kids - Your Children's First Safety Game!

Super Safety Kids comes with 5 scenes of life and 80 safety hazards that little ones may encounter in kindergarten and other places.

During game time, little ones will learn about childhood sexual safety knowledge, anti-abduction awareness, indoor and outdoor safety knowledge and traffic safety knowledge in a fun way.

This game will teach them how to avoid and solve these problems in real life.

Recommend for 3 to 6 years old, 2-4 pax and 15 minutes per game.

Do note that some cards are in Chinese.

Super Safety Kids Mum Teaching Her Baby on Safety Problems


Box Size: 33 x 22 x 4.5cm


  • Fun and educational, easy to play and learn within 15 minutes
  • Made from recyclable materials which are eco-friendly and safe for the environment
  • Gift-ready packaging suitable for kids gift 
  • Kids can learn about potential safety problems that they may encounter in different real-life scenarios

Super Safety Kids Different Scenarios that Kids May Encounter Dangers

  • Kids would learn the way to deal with natural disasters, accidents or bad people during the process of playing
Super Safety Kids Safety Game Card
  • The five scenarios include classroom, playground, canteen, road, and park which are the common dangerous scenarios for your little one

How To Play

  • Step 1: The game accessories included in the box
Super Safety Kids Game Accessories
  • Step 2: Combine 5 game scenes into one big gameboard
Super Safety Kids Combined Gameboard
  • Step 3: The players with the highest marks wins!
Super Safety Kids How To Win


CE, EN71

Customer Reviews

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Super Safety Kids - Educational!