Organic Cotton Sterilized Feminine Wipes - Individual Pack Fragrance Free (10 sheets) [Use By May 2023]

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Meene Sterilized Feminine Wipes is made of organic cotton and ultrapure water to cleanse and refreshes your intimate area without damaging the natural vaginal acidic protective layer or causing irritation.

The Ultrapure water goes through 7 Steps Water Purification Process to remove foreign objects, chemicals, bacteria and impurities. It is also certified & tested Paraben Free making it safe for sensitive intimate areas.

These Feminine Wipes are also perfect for travel or when you are on the go that is not easily accessible to soap and water. Individually packaging making it more hygiene and easy to carry by tuck into a purse, pocket, gym bag and be prepared whenever you need to refresh your lady bits. 

It can also effectively decrease sweat and build-up in the vaginal area that can lead to bad odour and even yeast infections! With Meene Sterilized Feminine Wipes, No MORE awkward situation of funky smell or cleaning up your period messes.

*Meene Sterilized Feminine Wipe is not flushable so please discard responsibly after use

Meene Individually Packed Sterilized Feminine Wipes Product Highlights


  • Ultrapure Water - Made with 7 steps purified extreme grade ultrapure water
  • Gentle on the skin - Made of organic cotton and ultrapure water to cleanse and refreshes your intimate area without damaging the natural vaginal acidic protective layer or causing irritation
  • No Skin Irritation - Meene Wet Wipes are tested 0% Skin Irritation by ELLEAD
  • Free from 7 kinds of Parabens - Contain free from Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Buty lparaben, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, p-Hydroxybenzoic acid
  • Free from Chemical, Preservatives, Fluorescent Whitening Agent - Certified and tested contain from additives that are harmful to the sensitive intimate area
  • High Temperature and High Pressure Sterilized - Made by physical sterilization method instead of chemical or preservatives
  • Fragrance-Free, No Chemicals & No Preservatives to prevent irritations and allergies making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Individual packaging - Individually packed feminine wipes are perfectly protected making them more hygiene and easy to carry
  • The Safest Wipes in the world with 100% OCS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Trustworthy Wet Wipes - Less risk as there are no 3rd party factories involved in the production. Meene is responsible for the end to end production of own wet wipes

Meene Sterilized Feminine Wipes Check Points

When to Use

  • Clean up intimate area during nasty "time of month" 
  • Daily hygiene routine after using toilet
  • Perfect for travel/ outdoor activities or wherever that is not easily accessible to water and soap
  • Remove odor caused by bacteria
  • Remove sweat and build-ups to refreshen vaginal area after exercise 

When to use Meene Sterilized Feminine Wipes


  • ELLEAD - No Skin Irritation
  • KATRI - Paraben Free
  • OCS100 The Organic Content Standard (by Control Union)
  • Zero Microbe & Germs
  • Ministry of Food and Drug Safety - Quasi Drug

No Skin Irritation tested by ELLEAD

KATRI Paraben FreeOSC Organic Cotton CertificationZero Microbe and GermQuasi Drug Certification