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[Display Set] Rock Climbing Slide (3-6 yo) *non-refundable*

Brand: IFAM

S$345.00 S$588.00
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Contact us for viewing of display set. Non Refundable once sold.

4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Indoor Playground For Kids

Rock Climbing Slide equipped with rock climbing, slide, basketball hoop and exploration tunnel for kids develop multiple physical abilities through the fun playing process without getting bored!

Rock Climbing Slide comes in unique and perceptual design together with soft colours to blends in any house interior naturally.

Rock Climbing Slide - Multi Purpose Indoor Playgroundrock climbing slide lifestyle images


Length 1190 (including basketball hoop) x Width 1825 x Height 997 (mm)

Rock Climbing Slide Dimension


  • Rock Climbing - Unlike regular slide for kids, rock climbing slide is designed for children to develop their motor skills and build dexterity while experience rock climbing at a safe environment
  • Alphabet Stickers - Cute and colouful alphabet stickers are included for kids to learn alphabet and colours during the rock climbing process
  • Basketball Hoop - Basketball hoop is perfect for little hoop star
  • Slide - Enjoy the exposure to speed and excitement
  • Exploration Tunnel -  Interesting polygon-shaped at side panels create a cozy hideout space for children to express their emotions freely

rock climbing slide - rock climbing featureshow to use rock climbing slide - exploration tunnel, slide and basketball hoop included

 More Details

  • Rock climbing and slide are designed in the same direction so that it could be placed against the wall and helps utilize the space
  • Rock climbing protruding point designed to be round and big so that children are able to grip it comfortably and safely
  • Anti-slip pads to prevent slides from moving on most surfaces (floor, mats etc.)

rock climbing slide more details

  • Thicker and higher slide safety guard keep children safe while playing
  • Playboard is designed wide and safe for kids to sit comfortably and play freely with a stable back support
  • Round and wide arrival point for kids to land safely
rock climbing slide check pointsrock climbing slide safety features


    Weight Limit: 50kg
    Recommended Age: 3 years old
    Materials: PE, PP, ABS, TPR, Steel

    rock climbing slide components


    Note When Using

    • Do not use close to fire & heat source
    • Assemble & disassemble by adults only
    • Always use with adult supervision
    • Excessive force & sharp objects will deformed, and/or damaged slide
    • Recommended use age is 3 years with a limited load of 50kg
    • Wear long-sleeve & long pants to prevent abrasion caused by friction
    • This product must be installed on a surface that absorbs shock (eg. playmat)
    • Do not shake or pull the slide violently as it may cause slide to topple
    • Keep out reach of kids at oral stage and remove small pieces during installation process
    • This product does not contain a goalpost net
    • This product does not contain basketball

    rock climbing slide safety tipsclimbing slide important note

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