RICO Baby Premium Multipurpose Wet Wipes (70sheets) - 5 / 10 Packs [Use By May 2023]

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Why Should We Use RICO Baby Premium Wipes?

Baby's skin is more sensitive to external stimuli against skin irritation

It is common for kids to spit and vomit. Unlike adults, baby's skin is more sensitive and any stains can incubate various bacteria and germs causing illnesses and skin irritations to your little one's under-developed immune system.

To reduce the chances of sensitive skin irritation, RICO Premium Baby Wipes is made of natural ingredients that does not cause skin irritation and specially formulated with water oil cream that provides enriched moisture and improve babies' natural skin barrier.

Also, if you are constantly frustrated with pulling more than 1 wipe at a time when using other brands, you will find that RICO wet wipes are packed such that you would only get one wipe out of the packet at a time!

RICO Baby Premium Wipes IntroductionRICO Baby Premium Wet Wipes Highlights


  • Natural Ingredients - 8 Naturally derived ingredients (Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Centella Asiatica, Portulaca Oleracea and Green Tea) work with calendula to generate optimal synergy
  • Free from 8 Harmful Ingredients + Ultrapure Water - Contains free from Germicide, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, heavy metal, chemical additives for plastic, Formaldehyde, Fluorescent (whitening agent), Methanol and Phenoxyethanol.
  • Hanul's Calendula farm in USA - Organic Herb Farm in USA with US National Organic Program Certified by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • Calendula No.1 Formula - Calendula has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it useful in keeping activate ingredients on the skin

RICO Baby Premium Wipes Made of 8 Naturally Derived IngredientsRICO No Skin IrritationRICO Premium Wet Wipes Ingredient HandbookHanul Calendula FarmRICO Premium Wipes Ingredient List


  • Ultrapure Water - Made with 7 steps purified extreme grade ultrapure water
  • No Skin Irritation by Korea Cosmetic Test Institute - Rated ‘No Erythema and Eschar & No Edema’ tested by Korean skin test Institute (Ellead)
  • Special Additives - Water in oil cream provides enriched moisture and maintain baby's natural skin barrier
  • Aqua Jet Spunlace Process - Fabrics are softened with high-pressure Aqua-Jet instead of chemicals making it safe for babies and kids
  • Trustworthy Wet Wipes - All processes are handled directly by RICO in-house production
  • RICO 7 Steps Water Purifying SystemRICO Premium Wipes Special Additives - Water In Oil CreamSafe Production by RICO

    How To Use

    • Safe to clean baby's face, hands, mouth and around the eyes
    • Use it as cleansing wipes for adults (suitable for pregnant woman too!)
    • Wet wipes for baby's body and bottom
    • Wipes to clean nose - doesn't irritate nose even after wiping nose repeatedly

    How to use rico premium wet wipes


    • US National Organic Program - USDA Organic
    • ELLEAD - No skin irritation 

    RICO Premium Wipes Certification