RICO Kids Organic Toothpaste - Strawberry / Blueberry 90g (4+yo) [Use By Mar 2023] [30% OFF 2 or more]

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Give Your Little One A Sparkling Smile with RICO Kids Toothpaste!

RICO Kids Toothpaste are specially formulated with the perfect amount of fluoride that is powerful yet kind-to-teeth for older children who have slightly more developed teeth and are able to chomp all sorts of adult food.

During this stage, baby toothpaste would be too weak to clean stubborn spots and adults toothpaste can be too chemically harsh for their young and sensitive teeth.

RICO Kids Toothpaste reduced fluoride levels making it safe for kids and added vitamin, xylitol and calcium to prevent early decay while remaining gentle on their teeth. 

RICO Kids Toothpaste for 4yo+


  • Baby Safe Ingredients - Made of 5 safe and natural organic extract: Calendula, Chamomile, Rosemary, Apple and Lavender Water
  • Free of 8 Harmful Ingredients - Contains free from 6 parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial dye, saccharin, synthetic perfumes, triclosan and animal-derived ingredients
RICO Kids Toothpaste Ingredients

More Details

  • Low Fluoride Below 500ppm - Fluoride levels are reduced to prevent early tooth decay while remaining gentle on your little one's young and sensitive teeth
  • Naturally Derived Surfactant - Made from natural surfactants making it safe for kids usage
  • Gel Type Consistency - Thicker texture toothpaste makes the cleaning more effective while less abrasive on kids gum and teeth
  • Natural Ingredients - Made of 5 safe and natural organic extract (Calendula, Chamomile, Rosemary, Apple and Lavender Water) that are certified by ECOCERT
  • No.1 Baby Toothpaste Formula - Specially formulated with Xylitol and Vitamin E to protect the gum while Calcium strengthens the teeth
  • Free of 8 Harmful Ingredients - Contains free from 6 parabens, SLS, mineral oil, artificial dye, saccharin, synthetic perfumes, triclosan and animal-derived ingredients
  • Kids Friendly - RICO Baby Toothpaste are designed with lovely characters and sweet flavours (blueberry/strawberry) that make the teeth brushing experience pleasant and enjoyable for kids!

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  • ECOCERT - Organic Extract
RICO Kids Toothpaste Certification

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