RICO Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes (10sheets) - 10 / 50 Packs [Use By Apr 2023]

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Ting (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Smells good and feels very clean after using

Smells really nice and my skin feels very nice after using



Why Should We Use RICO Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes?

As a parent, it is easy to get stressed out by the microscopic enemies squirming invisibly on the surfaces your little one get in contact with... especially those that would be chewed or sucked on! 

Unlike adults, babies have a lower immunity against bacteria and germs which can cause illnesses and skin irritants to your little one's under-developed immune system.

RICO Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes is made of natural ingredients that does not cause skin irritation while eliminating germs and bacteria effectively. Propolis extracts are also specially formulated to moisturize babies' delicate skin.

Also, if you are constantly frustrated with the sticky sensation when using other brands, you will find that RICO wet wipes does not leaves any tacky residues like other sanitizing products! It is packed in sheets of 10 that easily fits in the pocket making it ideal for use nearly anywhere!

RICO Hand Sanitizing Wipes IntroductionRICO Hand Sanitizing Wipes IntroductionGerms are all around usRICO Hand Sanitizing Wipes Eliminated 99.9% of Bacteria


  • Ultrapure Water - Made with 7 steps purified extreme grade ultrapure water
  • Gentle on the skin - Propolis extract is specially formulated to keep the skin moisturized
  • Premium Nonwoven Fabric - RICO Wet Wipes are made of 4 layers of thick high-quality nonwoven fabric for a soft and thick texture
  • Trustworthy Wet Wipes - Less risk as there are no 3rd party factories involved in the production. RICO is responsible for the end to end production of own wet wipes
  • RICO 7 Steps Ultrapure Water1 wipe is enough


    • KATRI - Kills 99.9% of germs and free from harmful ingredients 
    • Quasi Drug (Ministry of Food & Drug Safety) - Sanitary Aid
    • 100% Allergen Free

    RICO Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes Sanitary Aid CertificationRICO Hand Sanitizing Wipes Allergen Free Fragrance CertificationRICO Official Test Result