Re-Play Utensils Forks & Spoons (Set of 4)

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Re-Play’s Toddler Utensils are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Durable and affordable, forks feature rounded tips for safety and spoons have a deep scoop for the hungriest toddlers. Mix and match utensils with our plates, bowls, and cups to create a vibrant tableware set!

Recommended age range: All Ages

Re-Play Perfect Combination Tableware

Colour Combinations

  • Neutral (Aqua / Sky Blue / Bright Pink / Purple)

Re-Play Spoon & Fork Set Neutral

  • Girl (Bright Pink / Blush / Purple / Sunny Yellow)

Re-Play Utensils Girl

  • Boy (Aqua / Sky Blue / Lime Green / Yellow)

Re-Play Spoon & Fork Set Boy

  • Royale (Amethyst / Orange / Teal / Navy Blue)

Re-Play Spoon & Fork Set Royale

  • Primary (Navy Blue / Red / Sunny Yellow / Kelly Green)

Re-Play Spoon & Fork Set Primary


Approx. dimensions: 5.5″ by 1.25″ by .25″

Re-Play Spoon & Fork Set Dimension

More Details

  • Sets include 4 spoons and 4 forks
  • Made from recycled milk jugs (HDPE recycled plastic) & recycled FDA approved polypropylene
  • Gentle on the mouth and gums, tough against little teeth
  • BPA, PVC, phthalates and surface coatings free
  • Made in the USA

Product Care

  • Recommended age range: All Ages
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tested microwave safe

Re-Play tableware FAQ

  1. Can Re-Play products be sterilized?
    A: Yes
  2. What the maximum temperature Re-Play products can withstand and remain safe for usage?
    A: They can withstand boiling, but the maximum temperature would be over 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93degreeC), at which point it may melt.
  3. I read that the products are microwave safe but may cause staining. When products get stained, discolored, are they still safe to use?
    A: Yes. They are still completely safe. Staining is just cosmetic and only happens when red sauce is cooked in Re-Play (in the microwave). However, staining does not usually happen if the products are cleaned right away.
  4. On what circumstances should re-play products be discard after usage?
    A: Re-Play can really be used as long as the product is still intact. Many people use it for several years and only replace due to staining or to purchase more colors.
  5. What’s the best way to recycle Re-Play products?
    A: Re-Play can be recycled with your regular plastic article recycling.