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MisterFox Breast Milk Bag Plus (Pump & Store 20 bags)

Brand: MisterFox

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MisterFox - Thailand's Favorite & Best selling breast pump & milk bag accessories made for breastfeeding mummies! Shop with Adertek Baby & Kids for the best value for money Breastfeeding solutions. 

MisterFox Breast Milk Storage Bag Plus is made of premium and baby safe material (BPA Free) to enhance mommies breast feeding experience.

Available in 2 sizes
  • Mini 5oz / 150ml
  • Jumbo 8oz / 240ml


MisterFox Breast Milk Bag Plus combines pumping breast milk and breast milk storage to increase the convenience for busy breastfeeding mommies. It can be connected directly from the pump to breast milk storage bag so that mommies don't have to carry baby bottles around. 
  • Contains 20 bags per box
  • 4 different colors per box
  • Connect to Mister Fox adapter and pump directly into storage bag
  • Self-standing
  • Protect the vitamins and nutrients in breast milk - Breast milk contains vitamins A and many other nutrients that your LO needs! However, all these vitamins would break down easily under the exposure of light within a short period of time. MisterFox Breast Milk Storage Bag is designed to prevent light from passing through and lock all essential nutrients in every drop of breast milk.
  • Save Time - Simply connect pump directly to MisterFox Breast Milk Bag Plus for mommies just pump and store! It also helps baby from reducing the usage of pacifier by allowing drinking directly or pour out a cup.
  • Premium grade plastic - 2 thick layers of premium LDPE/PET plastic with edge seal of 0.5mm thick to prevent leaking of breast milk. Outer layer prevents nutrients loss from exposure to UV and light while inner layer is able to reduce the rancid smell in breast milk as it is good resistance to oxygen permeability.
  • Clean and safe - MisterFox Breast Milk Bag Plus ensures cleanliness by using Gamma-Presterilization method and uses only baby-safe material that is free from carcinogens (BPA Free). Manufactured with food-grade processes and raw materials are certified by US FDA.


    How To Use

    1. Get rid of air bubbles
    2. Close the screw cap firmly
    3. Label the bag
    4. Store in the fridge or freezer

    Tip: Roll the spout to save freezer space

    How To Thaw

    Method 1: Thaw the milk in the refrigerator overnight

    Method 2: Hold bag under running water or warm water (max 37°C)

    Note: Once thawed do not re-freeze

    Breast Milk Storage Guideline

    Room Temperature (16 to 26°C)   < 6 hours
    Refrigerator (0 to 4°C)  < 5 days
    Freezer (-18 to -20°C) 6-12 months

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