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[BUNDLE] RICO Baby Anti-Bacterial Fabric Softener (1300ml) - 8 Packs

Brand: RICO

S$45.80 S$70.40
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Why RICO Baby Anti-Bacterial Softener is Important?

Reduce detergent residue to prevent skin irritation and damage to clothing

  • Detergent residue on clothing can cause various kinds of skin inflammation
  • Softener has the effect of removing detergent residues while protecting the skin and clothes

Excellent Deodorization Loved By Babies!

Softener adds an aroma scent to the clothes making the mood more pleasant

Static Electricity Prevention

  • Especially useful in countries with dry winter to prevent transfer of static electricity
  • Static electricity can cause dermatitis or aggravate inflammation to baby with dry skin

Preventing Bacterial Reproduction

Made with organic calendula and 8 natural ingredients with anti-bacterial function that prevent germ's growth.

Single Pack 1300ml - $6.77/litre

Double Pack 2600ml - $4.92/litre

8 Packs 10,400ml - $4.40/litre

RICO Baby Fabric Softener


RICO Baby Fabric Softener - 8 Naturally Derived Ingredients

RICO Natural Calendula Farm
RICO Calendula Gold EffectRICO Free of 8 Harmful Ingredients

More Details

RICO Brand Story
RICO Since 1991


  • KATRI - Kills 99.9% of germs and free from harmful ingredients 

RICO Lab Result

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