Pearlie White BrushCare Enamel Protect Kids Extra Soft Toothbrush Triple Pack (2+yo)

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Sometimes you just want to go back to the basics. After all, it’s not a cute toothbrush that is important but rather keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy so they stay cute!

So back to fundamentals with a well designed toothbrush that has a slim handle and compact head that allows better reach to the back of the child’s mouth. And tightly packed, extra soft, micro-fine, polished end-rounded bristles that are extra gentle on a child’s developing teeth and gums.


  • Compact Rounded Head makes it safe and comfortable for brushing. Easier access into tight spaces in child’s mouth.
  • Extra Soft Microfine Polished End Rounded Bristles protect tooth enamel whilst brushing and is suitable for gentle brushing of gums and tongue.
  • Angled Neck for better reach to all tooth surfaces.
  • Classic Handle, rounded back with flat front for comfortable grip and handling.
  • Toothbrush Cover keeps your toothbrush clean and prevents damage during travel.


Brush gently with short strokes. Pay more attention to areas around the gum line, teeth at the back, and areas around fillings, crowns or other dental restorations.

Begin by brushing the outer side of your teeth.

First the upper teeth, then the lower.

Next, brush the inner side of your upper teeth, followed by the inner side of your lower teeth.

Finally, brush your molars (the chewing area of your teeth).

For fresher breath, make it a point to brush your tongue gently as well.

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