A Day in The Jungle Picture Bingo: Social Emotional Skills Development Game (5+yo)

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A Friendly Bingo For the Family!

The playful animals all live in the jungle together and have many adventures in social-emotional learning. Take a jungle safari and join the animals to see how they live and sometime face their danger. See how they share and jump in to help each other. Can you spot and tell who is being good and caring? And what else they are up to?

2 - 4 players game for 5+ year old.


  • ANIMAL BINGO FOR KIDS - Are you having trouble teaching your child values of helping, caring or sharing? Then this twist of classic bingo is just for you. A fun interactive relational skills board game.
  • PARENTS AND TEACHERS - Our learning game provides screen free time to build positive values and engage girls and boys. You can have a conversation, develop their language and communication skills and improve their emotional well-being.
  • EASY TO PLAY - Roll the dice! Animal (Monkey) and Behavior (Helping) - If you spot a match where the Monkey is Helping an animal on your board, then you're on your way! This tool helps kids to learn and recognize values and then put it into actions.
  • BOREDOM BUSTER - Best activity for a birthday party, play date or sibling entertainment. Play as a family or in a classroom. Spend quality time with your children and include grandparents too! Perfect as friendly gifts for any special occasion.
  • SKILL BUILDER - Promotes visual observation, vocabulary and thinking and social skills. Play together to build a caring community, empathy and friendship skills. Easy matching with illustrated guide to help younger children.

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Recommended Usage

  • Toddlers & Kids from 5 year old
  • Family Game Night
  • Indoor Games
  • Occupational Therapy Game - Dyslexia ADHD, Autism etc.

Why A Day in The Jungle?

  • A fun social-emotional bingo
  • Great game to have playful discussions on helping, sharing & caring
  • Builds values & teaches by surprise

How To Play

  • Roll the 2 dices and see the combination rolled e.g. sharing and Elephant.
  • All players look at their board to see if they have a picture that matches the combination (in this case the picture would show a elephant sharing something with another animal). If you have the picture on the board, mark it with a chip.
    The first one to mark any 4 squares in any one row or a column or a diagonal line gets to shout ‘Jungle Love' and is the Winner!
  • Best Played: On a flat surface at home, in class or in the garden!
    Bonus Play
  • Play longer with a ‘black out' where all squares have to be marked.
  • Raise the emotional quotient by getting the child to talk about or enact the relational skill. E.g. the time s/he has been caring and what they did to show that. Or talk about the many ways of putting the particular value in action. E.g. ways to show courtesy



    • 4 Jungle boards
    • 100 Jungle chips
    • Caller sheet
    • 2 Dices
    • Meet the friends booklet

    Box size: 5.6 x 26.7 x 21.6 cm