RICO Baby Skincare Rash Cream & Soothing Gel for Skin Rash (Fragrance FREE 220ml) [Use By Oct 2023]

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RICO Baby Soothing Gel for Skin Rash is specially formulated with 4 Natural Ingredients & 2 Natural Oils that help retain moisture in your baby’s delicate skin. 

This lightweight gel moisturizer not only helps to moisturize but also soothes, restores, and cools baby’s skin which makes it suitable as a rash cream for babies struggling with heat rashes!

  • ✓ Safe Baby Soothing Gel for Baby Rash
  • ✓ For Sensitive Skin, Heat-Sensitive Skin in Babies
  • ✓ Soothes, Refreshes, Repairs, and Cools Baby Skin
  • ✓ Fast Relief: Immediate Absorption of Lightweight Formula
  • ✓ Naturally Improves Healthy Skin Barrier
  • ✓ Long-Lasting Moisturising Effects: Up to 24 hours
  • ✓ ELLEAD Certified: No Skin Irritation 0.0%
  • ✓ USDA Certified: Organically Farmed & Reliable Ingredients
  • ✓ EWG Safety Green Grade Verified: No Harmful Chemicals
  • ✓ Naturally Anti-Bacterial and Hypoallergenic Formula
  • ✓ Allergen-Free, No Scent Added Suitable for Baby’s Skin
  • ✓ No Artificial Additives, Preservatives, Harmful Chemicals

 What is Baby Rash Cream & Soothing Gel used for?

Newborn babies have new skin and young immune systems that are still developing. Baby skin is sensitive and easily susceptible to dryness, irritation, or infection. It is important to use all natural and organic products for your baby’s safety. RICO Soothing Gel & Rash Cream for Babies was created to protect and heal baby’s skin naturally. All-inclusive deeply nourishing organic ingredients for healthy skin that are calming for baby on application and for everyday use. Gentle moisturization for Sensitive and Heat-Sensitive Baby Skin prone to redness, inflammation, and uneven skin textures.

Applied topically on skin, the Soothing Gel Cream can be used to moisten skin, soften skin and to treat or prevent dry, flaking, or itching skin in babies. Gentle on sensitive skin, proven skin hydration, improved skin condition, texture, and comfort for babies.

Why RICO Baby Rash Cream & Soothing Gel for Treating Skin Rash?

Established in 1991, all RICO Baby products are made from naturally derived ingredients and specially formulated with natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic effects. RICO Baby is a Total Baby Care Brand with a wide variety of effective products that embrace every stage of growth for mothers and children from Pregnancy to Childbirth to Baby Care.

Over 30 years of Testing, Research & Development have led to the Safest Baby Products and a Trusted Brand greatly loved by Parents and Children alike.

More Details

  • EWG Verified - All ingredients used EWG Green Grade to be sure it's free from harmful chemicals
  • Natural Ingredients – 4 Natural Ingredients in the RICO Baby Moisturiser Lotion are derived by the cold-pressing method that retains the high quality of the extracts
    • Aloe Vera: Soothing on Skin, Regenerates Skin
    • Chamomile: Smoothing and Moisturising on Skin
    • Centella Extract: Soothing on Skin and a Natural Antioxidant
    • Portulaca: Naturally Anti-Bacterial
    • Distilled and Brewed with Organic Calendula
  • Natural Oils – 2 Naturally-derived oils specially formulated with natural skin barrier enhancement properties and moisturising effects for smooth baby skin
    • Olive Oil: Skin Regeneration and Renewal
    • Calendula Oil: Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Refreshing Smoothing Gel Cream Texture – Gel-type texture can be absorbed immediately and only leaves a fresh and lightweight feeling on baby’s skin. Fast and effective relief of rashes for baby’s comfort
  • Hanul's Calendula farm in USA - Organic Herb Farm in USA with US National Organic Program Certified by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • No Skin Irritation - Manufactured safely in accordance with cosmetic safety standards and certified by ELLEAD for 0.0% skin irritation
  • No Scent Added - RICO Baby Balanced Care Lotion are scent-free to prevent irritations and allergies making it suitable for newborn babies

How To Use

Apply on dry and itchy skin as needed or whenever necessary. For external use only.

Note: Use under adult supervision and avoid contact with eyes. Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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