Product Support Coverage

Terms & Conditions of Adertek Local Product Support

What does this product support cover?

Adertek Lifestyle Ptd Ltd and Adertek Sdn Bhd, collectively known as Adertek hereinafter, warrants to all products distributed by Adertek to be free from manufacture defects in material and workmanship.

Product warranty coverage may be applicable to specific products. Refer to individual product page for more information on product warranty.

What is considered a manufacture defect?

A product is considered to have a manufacture defect when it is unfit/unsafe for its intended use despite reasonable means being deployed to resolve the problem.

Who should register for this product support cover?

This product support is only valid to customers who have registered their purchase of Adertek-distributed products. Customers who have purchased from other retailers are recommended to register with Adertek for local product support.

How long does the product support last?

The product support covers manufacture defects for up to 7 days upon receipt of product.

Customers are advised to register for product support as soon as product is received. Registration of product support after the 7th day of receiving the product will be invalid and the product is deemed to have no manufacture defects.

What is the process in the event of a manufacture defect?

Customers claiming for manufacture defect must inform Adertek of the defect within 7 days of receiving the product. With the help of Adertek Customer Service team, the customer must try all reasonable means to provide information of the defect. Photos and videos detailing the defect are recommended.

If Adertek confirms that a product contains manufacture defect, Adertek will provide reasonable solutions to resolve the problem (e.g. replacement of affected parts or one-to-one exchange) at its sole discretion.

Replacements will be sent out within 14 working days after the manufacture defect is completed and approved by Adertek.

The product containing manufacture defect must be retained in its original condition and packaging. This includes all accessories and packaging originally included with your purchase.

What does this product support not cover?

Adertek only guarantees the product against manufacture defect in material and workmanship. Wear & tear damage due to usage of products are expressively excluded from this coverage and all related replacement costs will be borne by customer.

You can register for our product support coverage here.