Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant (3mth+)

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Calming lavender-based inhalant to help sleep and relaxation

A gentle lavender-based inhalant to help your little one relax in preparation for sleep.

Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant can be used as part of bedtime routine of all ages drift off to sleep naturally.

Specially formulated to be used with a steam vaporiser as part of a bedtime routine. It mixes water easily, enhancing the benefits of steam vapour and providing all-night comfort. 

Expiry Date

100ml Feb2024
200ml  Mar2025

More Details

• A calming lavender-based inhalant
• Helps sleep and relaxation
• Use as part of a bedtime routine to assist children’s sleep
• Especially made for use with steam vaporisers
• Mixes in the water to enhance the steam vapours
• Suitable for use 3 months+
• Australian made & owned


Active ingredient: Lavendula Angulstifolia 50mg/g.

How to Use

Shake well before use.

For use with Steam Vaporiser: In water

  1. Pour 10ml (2.5 capfuls) of inhalant into empty water container.
  2. Add water to maximum fill line.
  3. Refer to your vaporiser manual for further use and care.
  4. Repeat as required.

For use with Steam Inhaler or Basin:

  1. Pour in hot water.
  2. Add 1ml of inhalant per 250ml of water used, or 4ml (1 capful) per litre.
  3. Breathe in vapours. 

Not for use in an oil burner.

Important Notice

  • Do not take by mouth
  • Keep out reach of children
  • For steam inhalation only
  • Contains ethanol
  • Contains bitterant to avoid accidental ingestion
  • Use only as directed
  • Store below 30°C


  • Can I use it in the bath? 
    No, this formula is not suitable for bath use. 
  • Can I add other oils in as well when using in my vaporiser? 
    No, it is recommended to only use water soluble inhalants in your vaporiser, not pure oils. 
  • My baby still won’t sleep… 
    Establishing good sleep patterns can take time, and a consistent bedtime routine is key. Euky Bear’s Sleepy Time range is one tool you can use to support a peaceful sleep environment for your little one. For more advice on baby sleep see your GP or maternal child health nurse.

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