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Adertek Lifestyle is the exclusive distributor for IFAM baby products in Singapore & Malaysia.

Our products are certified safe with proper Korean certifications from relevant agencies for sales in Singapore & Malaysia.

Adertek Lifestyle & IFAM will not be responsible for any safety issues that arise due to purchase from un-authorised sources.

For authentic & genuine products, only buy from Adertek Lifestyle.

 IFAM baby products are made in Korea. The materials are certified by SGS Korea and KTC Korea for baby safety, making it safe for interaction with little ones as young as a newborn baby.

IFAM is the number baby play yard in Korea with a market share of 50%. Best known for it's amazing pastel and neutral colours, the baby play yards and toy organizers will fit seamlessly into any home designs.

This product is made with double structure by blow molding method.
A small piece of plastic may be generated during the process of construction and assembling.
It will be removed as possible as we can during the process of inspection of the package.
However, there may be some small pieces cannot be removed due to the static electricity.
Please check carefully when assembling the product and give special attention to the children.

The following products are made by blow molding method: Slide, Organizer, Rocking Horse, Table & Chairs, Design Open Book Shelf, Easy Doing Child Stool, Baby room, Safety Standing Connect Panel, Safety Door Fixing Pin, Fit-In Connect Panel

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