If you’ve got small kids, you’re probably familiar with toy clutter, and the ever-increasing struggle to end it for good. Scattered toys are not just an eye sore, but dangerous as well (specifically toys with jagged edges).

scattered toys


What to look out for when shopping for toy storage organizers for kids?

Dear parents, if you’re considering toy organizers for your home, remember to keep the following points in mind:

  • Durability (Long-Lasting)
  • Versatility (Multi-Purpose Storage)
  • No Sharp Edges/Corners (Injury-Proof)
  • Easy-to-Clean and Sanitize
  • Easy for your Child to Use
  • Pleasant Colors to Engage your Child
  • Making Organization Enjoyable

With a news report by The Straits Times stating that in Singapore more are hospitalized for accidents in the home than accidents on the road, it makes sense to identify unsafe areas in your own home and take measures to reduce your family’s risk. One of the most important places to start is in the nursery, toy room or any room that your baby or young child frequently uses.

A clutter-free environment is vital for a child’s growth and learning. More importantly, get your kids used to packing up after themselves from a young age. Be creative in organizing their toys and your kids may just follow suit in packing their toys and books after you.

Fortunately, there are great storage solutions for both baby needs and home storage that are high quality, kid-friendly and engineered with safety in mind. It’s time to take control and plan efficient space utilization for your home today.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite storage solutions that not only do the job of keeping the house clutter-free but also are stylish, well-designed and look good in your home! Here are our top 15 baby-safe toy storage solutions for busy parents, read about them below!


What are some Toy Storage Solutions and Ideas for Busy Parents?

1. Toy Organizer (Mini)

    toy organiser (mini)

    "How do you organize toys in a small space?” Sounds familiar? This is a common gripe and lament of Singaporean parents as most of us live in HDBs or only have small kids’ rooms. Small spaces are a real challenge to keep organized and storage solutions need to be compact yet efficient.

    If you have a small nursery or want to keep a small number of toys in other parts of the house, then this toy organizer will fit the bill. It features an attractive design that is easy for children to access and great for keeping toys up off the floor. Its modern and simple colours will complement your home without looking too kiddy in the living areas.



    2. Multi-Purpose Bookshelf (2 levels + Toy Box)

      Bookshelf with Toys

      Get twice the organization with this handy combination toy box featuring an extra shelf for books. It is ideally designed for little ones to easily see the books they want and has a great space for toys in two bins that fit perfectly underneath.

      It also works great as a coloring station with a place for coloring books on top and storage for paper, crayons, and markers in the bins underneath. The design of this toy organizer also encourages independence and experiential learning in young children.

      • Sturdy and firm even when empty
      • Front facing book storage method to stimulate your child’s interest in reading
      • Come with 4 anti-slip pads to prevent bookshelf from moving on most surfaces (floor, mats etc)
      • Generous shelf gap - each level is about ~4cm gap for storage of 5 books in a single column
      • 1cm above the ground for easy vacuum and cleaning
      • No cover or doors to prevent door related injury
      • Easy to assemble in 5 minutes – no tools required

      3. Double-Duty Play Mat

      Double Duty Play MatFun and function go hand in hand with a double-duty play mat. Ideal for bricks, blocks and other smaller toys, this wonder of convenience is designed with an elevated lip to help keep the clutter in one spot.

      Spread it out wide for play time and when the kids are done playing, you simply cinch it close and store it out of sight.

      Browse available play mats for safe play offered here at Adertek.








      4. Closet Shelves

        Closet Shelves locking

        A traditional storage solution that will never go out of style, simple shelves hung in closets are always a great place to store clothes and other items. Even some of the baby’s toys can go on lower shelves that are easy to access.

        Just ensure that the rest of your closet is baby proof when it is open and if it is not close it with a child-proof baby handle. 




        5. Elephant Toy Organizer by IFAM

        Elephant Toy organizer

        Kids toys and items tend to migrate into adult space and areas in the home. And with some regularity, these become slip and fall hazards throughout your home. That is why storage solutions are important in these spaces as well.

        Fortunately, toy storage available in Singapore such as the Elephant Toy Organizer combine sleek clean styles with kid-friendly design. It was designed with a furniture first - storage organizer second concept and is perfect for living rooms, home offices or in your own bedroom.

        It is a flexible piece that grows with your child and its high-quality design ensures you are able to use it for years to come.

        • Easy to open and close the cover with one hand
        • Cover prevents dust from accumulating on less frequently used items
        • 2 spacious level of storage area – much larger than most storage boxes
        • No sharp edges, small loose parts and protruding accessories making it safe and injury-free for young children


        6. Elephant Storage Rack by IFAM

          Elephant Storage Rack

          If you’re on the lookout for a multifunctional yet traditional toy organizer, the Elephant Storage Rack is well-suited to your needs. Designed with a furniture-first, toy organizer second concept, this is ideal for newborns, children, and adults. Another plus point is that this can be installed anywhere in the house (bedroom, toilet, kitchen, living room, etc).

          It’s also easy to assemble (as little as 5 minutes) and comes with 3 levels of storage, accompanied by 6 to 8 large storage baskets for your child’s toy and clothes storage needs.

          • Sturdy and firm even when baskets are empty
          • Minimalist colour combination to fit any house interior for a calm and happy little one
          • 100% fresh new materials sourced in Korea for baby safety - no secondhand/recycled raw materials during manufacturing (Learn more about IFAM materials here)

            7. Hollow Ottoman Furniture

            Hollow Ottoman

            Keep your adult living spaces free of clutter and looking terrific with a beautiful storage ottoman. Many of today’s ottoman styles open to reveal hidden storage space within. A perfect place to store cars, trucks, and little ponies.

            Make sure however that the lid is not heavy and that there are no sharp edges. If so, try gluing foam in a matching color to the lid. This will not only make it softer, but it will also make the lid take a longer period to close.



            8. Open Bookshelf (3/4 level) by IFAM

            Open Book Shelf

            Your budding bookworm will fall in love with this charming design open 3/4 level bookshelf. Their library is proudly displayed and finding a favorite book has never been easier.

            Unlike traditional bookshelves, this version allows books to be stored with titles facing out for easier and safer access.

            Toy storage is available in the white trays at the last level or as a combination piece with other IFAM kid-friendly furniture.

            • Comes in classy pastel or nude colours to suit home interiors
            • Front facing book storage method to stimulate your child’s interest in reading
            • Comes with 4 anti-slip pads to prevent bookshelf from moving on most surfaces (floor, mats etc)
            • 1cm above the ground for easy vacuum and cleaning
            • No cover or doors to prevent door related injury
            • Multi-configurations to suit your child’s book and toy storage needs, 3 levels or 4 levels



              9. Under-the-Bed Storage

                Under the bed storage

                "How do you organize a toy room on a budget?” We all want to save money to ensure a good life for our kids and one of the most budget friendly and space saving ideas for toy storage is to use the space under the beds in your house. As it is there are already 2 to 3 beds and untapped under storage space!

                Under the bed space is a virtual wonderland of untapped storage space and ideas. Toys and books can be kept out of sight but are easy to reach for the little ones.

                Choose hardy storage boxes or cloth type boxes that allow cleaning. Stay away from the plastic zip-ups as they are tempting fun for babies and a suffocation risk.


                10.  4-Shelf Toy Organizer

                  4 Shelf Storage

                  Fun cartoon characters and bright colors make this storage organizer a winner in any child’s room. With safety-first engineering, this organizer features strong shelves, with labeled bins on four levels.

                  An active and growing child requires adaptable furniture too! Additionally, this great unit comes equipped with handles at the top for Mom or Dad to easily reposition from room to room.


                  11. Open Wire Mesh Baskets

                    open mesh basketA

                     colorful way to store toys, these fun open wire mesh baskets are fabulous for storing bigger toys. Though they tend to be taller in height, they are a great choice for stuffed animals, balls, or even dirty laundry.

                    Kids will tip them over to access the toys so just make sure the loads in these baskets stay light and soft to avoid injuries.





                    12. Toy Organizer (Premium)

                      Toy Storage Premium

                      Toy clutter will never again be a problem with this premium toy organizer. Perfect for families with multiple children, this organizer combines shelves and tray bin storage in three separate sections to help keep everything super neat. Every item has its place with this toy organizer.

                      Designed in a door and drawer-free style, you can be assured your little one will never complain about pinched fingers. It even comes in two colors schemes (pastel and neutral) to blend into almost any room and home interior.




                      13. Over-the-Door Hanger Storage

                        Overdoor Hanger (Storage)This is a great way to tap into extra storage space in your home. Hung over a door with square hooks, they provide pocket storage for everything from toys and crayons to diapers and wet wipes. For safety purposes, it is best not to keep dangerous items such as medication, scissors, or tweezers in these hangers as they can be pulled down by rambunctious toddlers.


                        14. Baby Play Yard Multi Basket

                        Baby Play Yard Multi Basket

                        An absolute essential for any play yard is this Multi Basket attachment. Created to go with play yards and play pens, this handy basket is flexibly designed to go on either side. Store sippy cups and snacks for baby on one side of play yard or turn it around to store wipes and even extra diapers with convenient access for Mom and Dad. Practical netting allows full view of contents and separated compartments help you keep organized. Designed for parents but with baby in mind, this attachment contains no loose or sharp parts, keeping your little one safe from harm.

                        • Organize your baby favourite items in one place
                        • Come with enhanced anti-slip pads to prevent basket from moving
                        • Easy installation – just hook it up onto any IFAM baby play yard or play pen
                        • Use it inside or outside of the baby play yard
                        • No sharp edges making it safe for young children

                        15. Bins & Baskets

                          Bins and Baskets Kids Storage

                          Ask any experienced parent what they use most for toy storage and invariably the answer is bins and baskets. Bins are a great way to transport toys from room to room and perfect for taking to Grandma’s house.

                          Many bins can slide into your current shelf units easily, and they come in several colors and designs to please both parents and children.



                          How can we Encourage Kids to Put Away and Organize their Toys?

                          Children need encouragement and a good example to follow. Picking up the habit of clearing after themselves can be achieved by trying the following:

                          • As parents, set a good example by cleaning up, picking up items and even folding away clothes in front of your child. Also include your child by getting or asking them to help you in the packing or organizing process at home.
                          • For toy storage, labelling the storage box or shelf helps a child to learn and remember where each toy or item lives once he or she is done playing with it.
                          • Purchase storage solutions that are at your child’s eye-level and pack items away at areas where your child can reach on his or her own. Thereby encouraging your child to organize and keep toys away on his or her own.
                          • Try not to let your child feel like cleaning up is a chore as that will make them dread it or develop negative feelings. Make organizing a part of their daily routine at home so that there is less resistance. Parents can start this on kids as young as 2 to 3 years old.
                          • For children with the ability to speak and make decisions, give them choices and options when it comes to cleaning up. For example, ask if they would like to pick up their toys or pack their kindergarten bag first. This will give them some say and build independence in making choices.

                            Organize and Play Hand in Hand with Your Child

                            With so many quick, easy, and functional ideas, your kid’s room will go from a messy haven to a delightful play space in no time. The above list offers a comprehensive review of many different child toy storage solutions in Singapore.

                            Enjoy yourself and have fun decorating your little one’s room with innovative products, fabulous colours and great designs. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing right for your child by choosing products that have been engineered with safety first. Discover more baby-safe toy storage solutions now!