*Clearance* MisterFox Microwave Sterilizer Bag (5 bags)

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MisterFox - Thailand's Favorite & Best selling breast pump & milk bag accessories made for breastfeeding mummies! Shop with Adertek Baby & Kids for the best value for money Breastfeeding solutions. 

MisterFox Microwave Sterilizer Bag can be easily carried around. Working or traveling mommies now able to disinfect pumping equipment without carrying a large sterilizer.

  • Contains 5 bags per box
  • Cost effective - Sterilize pumping equipment and baby utensils without purchasing an additional sterilizing machine. Each microwave sterilizer bag is able to use 20 times which equivalent to $0.17 per use!
  • Baby safe disinfection - Hot steam kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs without adding any chemical or additives that might be harmful to your LO
  • Portable and convenient - Pumping equipment should be steamed every time after it is used. Microwave sterilizer bag is light and portable so that mommies don't have to carry large sterilizer anymore
  • Easy to use - Simply add 60ml of water and equipment to MisterFox microwave sterilizer bag and follow the instruction on the box. That's it, the equipment is germ-free and ready to use for next time


    1. Fill approximately 60ml of water into the bag
    2. Place your equipment into the bag
    3. Close the zip lock bag tightly
    4. Put the bag into the microwave
      1100 Watt 1.5 Mins
      800-1100 Watt 3 Mins
      600-750 Watt 5 Mins
    5. The bag would be very hot after microwave, please handle carefully
    6. Leave it dry and be able to reuse it 20 times


    • Bag intended to use for microwave only
    • Do not place the bag on a metallic grill (which may come with some microwave oven) and oven
    • Heating more than recommend time may disfigure plastic parts