[Inner Circle 8 for $8] Mosquito Repellent Patch (10s * 4boxes) + Signature Baby Wipes (70s * 4pkts)

Brand: MyLO - My Little One Essentials

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Jas S (Singapore, Singapore)
Good quality, durable patches

Good quality mozzie repellant patches which hardly leave any stain on clothes

Mommy MQ (Singapore, Singapore)
Mild scent yet effective

Well priced, nice scent which doesn’t sting, cute print. Most importantly I like it. After all it’s not about whether the baby likes it, it’s about us liking it 🤭

Mich (Singapore, Singapore)
Recommend mylo mozzie patch

These non-toxic patches are able to remain scented the whole day. Esp critical if ifc/childcare is located at dengue hotspots. Highly recommend!


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What is inside?

This item contains:

  • MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch (10 patches / box) * 4 boxes
  • RICO Signature Baby Wipes (70s / pkt) * 4 packs


MyLO Mozzie Patch

#StayCalm and protect your little one from these buzzing bugs with our spiky Cactus Mosquito Repellent Patch!

  • Natural patches that are safe for everyone - pregnant, breastfeeding moms, kids and even babies!
  • Mess-free and easy to use
  • Adhere securely to clothes without leaving sticky residue when removed
  • DEET free
  • No artificial/chemical repellent substance
  • Natural and pleasant scent

RICO Signature Baby Wet Wipes

  • Ultrapure Water - Made with 7 steps purified extreme grade ultrapure water
  • No Skin Irritation by Korea Cosmetic Test Institute - Rated ‘No Erythema and Eschar & No Edema’ tested by Korean skin test Institute (Ellead)
  • Special Additives - Ceramide helps vitalize and strengthen baby’s delicate skin
  • Aqua Jet Spunlace Process - Fabrics are softened with high-pressure Aqua-Jet instead of chemicals making it safe for babies and kids
  • Trustworthy Wet Wipes - All processes are handled directly by RICO in-house production