LIFESAVER 3in1 Bottle Washer, Steam Sterilizer & Dryer

SAVE Energy, Time & Money!

For parents who WANT TO STOP washing milk bottles & breast pumps by hand!

Still washing bottles the old way?

No One Enjoys Washing Milk Bottles!

Ask any parents and we are confident all will agree washing milk bottles & breast pumps are BACK-BREAKING chores everyone HATES!

It's such a lonely task that sucks out so much energy, time and money bit by bit every morning & night!

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Now, Imagine This...

After your baby's night feed, all you have to do is:

1. give milk bottles a quick rinse

2. add some water & washing liquid into LIFESAVER 3in1

3. place bottles & teats into the machine

4. Press "START"

5min is all you need before returning to your comfy bed for a good night's sleep.

Kill bacteria efficiently for 30mins

Much cleaner than hand wash!

Fuss Free Sterilizing!

Sterilizing start immediately after washing

Dry & Store Till Next Use

All ready in 70-90mins for next use!

More Parents Who Have Stopped Hand Washing Milk Bottles!

Read on for our bundle offer, [BONUS] Inner Circle member special & [Satisfaction Guaranteed] 14-Day Return & Refund Policy!

I Have Good News For You!

[Inner Circle Members]

Login and get the LIFESAVER 3in1 machine from $288 here.

Annual Membership Tier - $288!

Monthly Membership Tier - $319

New Parents can sign up for Inner Circle Annual Membership here ($50/year).

[For Non-Members]

The usual price of LIFESAVER 3in1 Bottle Washer is $399 but you can get a LIFESAVER Starter Kit at $319 only when you get a LIFESAVER 3in1 & 1 bottle of ECOVER ZERO 450ml (good for 900 washes) together.

[Non-Members] Add To Cart Both Items Below To Enjoy Bundle Discount

Use Promo Code: LIFESAVER319 on payment page.

FREE Singapore Delivery included!


[Satisfaction Guaranteed] 14-Day Return & Refund (R&R)


14-Day Return & Refund for All! Read on for more details.

We believe you are going to be delighted with your LIFESAVER 3in1. But we also understand that not everything works for everyone.

If you are not pleased with the machine at any time within the first 14 days, just send us an email to raise a return & refund (R&R) request.

Return & Refund (R&R) requests raised during the first 14 days period will be approved* as long as item is returned back to us in original condition & packaging.


On a daily running cost, you will save up to 63%* on water bills when you switch to LIFESAVER 3in1.

That's $63 for every $100 you pay for the water used to wash milk bottles!

With ECOVER ZERO, you can get 450 washes at $6.50 only!

*May2022 Water Fees @ 15cbm for $40
- LIFESAVER 3in1 uses ~3ltr of water per wash
- traditional wash & boil sterilize uses ~8ltr of water

We have tested a lot of washing liquids but all generate too much foam to our liking.

After months of testing, we confidently recommend ECOVER ZERO for its low SUD and clean efficiency.

LIFESAVER 3in1 uses dishwashing technology, which is unsuitable for handling a lot of foam.

Leaving behind too much foam for the drying phase will result in a layer of dried foam coated onto the bottles.

A big NO-NO as it will become soapy when you add water or breastmilk into the bottle.

You only need ~0.5-0.75ml per wash!

Be honest with yourself - the most tedious task is washing & scrubbing.

Sterilizing & Drying is never an issue!

You will get much more free time once you stop washing bottles by hand.

Each machine comes with 6mths warranty starting from date of receiving the bottle washer.

It can wash anything that are dishwasher safe - breast pump, milk bottles, kids utensils etc.

Important: Some bottles & breast pumps are not suitable for dishwashing, steaming and/or heat sterilizing due to the material low melting point. Always check suitability before washing.

1. R&R period- The first day starts on the day your order was delivered by courier and the last day will end on the 14th day after you received your order (eg. for an order delivered on 1 Jan, the 14-day R&R period will be 1-14 Jan, both day inclusive).

2. Keep everything for the first 14 days- LIFESAVER 3in1 must be returned in working condition with its original packaging and all accessories intact (eg. carton box, plastic cover, styrofoam support etc - R&R will be rejected for missing components).

3. Contact us to raise R&R- We are open Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm (excl. Public Holiday).

4. Return LIFESAVER 3in1 within 14 days- plan your schedule and ensure that item is returned to us (at own cost) during office hours.

5. R&R apply to LIFESAVER 3in1 purchased on only- does not apply to purchases on marketplaces, resellers and other products (eg. washing liquid, replacement parts etc).

IMPORTANT: R&R will be automatically accepted when all 5 eligibility requirements are met. No refund will be made for any missing/unfulfilled requirements.

We will process the refund within 5 working days and update you once the refund has been initiated on our end.

Standard refund procedures & timelines by banks & payment gateway apply.

Where's The DEMO?

DEMO Location

Mon-Fri (excl. PH)

10m - 6pm (appointment required)

Showroom Address

37 Jalan Pemimpin MAPEX #04-01 s577177

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