Inner Circle Updates (Oct 2022)

IMPORTANT UPDATE for Inner Circle by Adertek

Date: 27 Oct 2022

There are some major changes to Inner Circle. For members who had signed up before 1 Nov 2022, kindly read through as there are some actions you need to take at the end of reading this.

Change #1 - Change in Annual Membership

Before: $46.80/year
NEW: $50/year

Change #2 - FREE Gift For New Annual Signup or Renewal

Before: no free gift
NEW: $50 eGift Card (issued within 3 working days)

Change #3 - Change in 8 for $8 Deals

Before: 3 options - (i) Mozzie *8boxes, (ii) Wipes *8pkts or (iii) Mozzie+Wipes *4each
NEW: 1 option - Wet Wipes *8pkts

Kindly note that November 2022 would be the last month for MyLO Mosquito Patches under the 8 for $8 Deals.
(MyLO Mosquito patches would be available for Inner Circle members at $42.90 / 10boxes)

So how will this impact current Inner Circle Members?

Monthly Plan: There are no changes to your monthly payment plan. You will enjoy the applicable 8 for $8 deals and Inner Circle Member pricing storewide (eg. Mosquito Patches at $42.90 for 10boxes). 

If you have cleared your 3 months lock in period, you can request to cancel next renewal by logging into your account > Manage Membership to do so.


For Annual Members: As you have already pre-paid for your annual plan, here are 2 options for you:

  1. Continue Annual Membership: an eGift Card with a $46.80 value will be issued to your Inner Circle Member account
    You will still enjoy the best price for MyLO Mosquito Patches at a membership price of $42.90 / 10boxes.

  2. Cancel Annual Membership: annual membership is non-refundable by default. However, we understand that some parents had subscribed for the mosquito patches only. 
    Therefore, we will be doing a goodwill refund of the balance of your membership (from Dec 2022 till your membership end date). The cut-off period for the goodwill refund is 15 Nov 2022, 11.59pm.

    Do note that cancelled membership will not enjoy membership perks from 1 Dec 2022 onwards.

This does not apply to new members who had signed up from 1 Nov 2022 onwards.

All eGift Cards issuance and refund procedure will be processed between 16-30 Nov 2022.

Annual Members, kindly reply via the link here.

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