Shell / Forest Baby Play Yard Fit-in Extension Panels (4pcs) (+16cm per panel)


Brand: IFAM (Made in South Korea)


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Dimension - 20 x 3.5 x 57cm
will increase each side ~16cm

There are many types of Baby Play Mats out there. With so many different types of mat dimensions, finding a baby play mat that fits nicely in the play yard is not an easy task.

To solve this problem, IFAM has the Play Yard Fit-in Extension Panels. When you add in an extension panel on each side, your play yard will increase by ~16cm on each side.

This is your ideal solution if you have a baby play mat that is bigger than IFAM play yards.


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Non-harmful small black spot during manufacturing.

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    Pre-orders will take between 6-8 weeks latest depending on whether the order is in time for upcoming shipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good buy

I thought I would need to drop the idea of buying Ifam playyard as the dimensions of it couldn’t contain my L-size 40mm Parklon playmat. But so glad there’re these extension panels which help to fit in just right!


Shell / Forest Baby Play Yard Fit-in Extension Panels (4pcs) (+16cm per panel)

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