IFAM Baby Play Yard Non-Slip Circular Support (20pcs)


Brand: IFAM (Made in South Korea)

S$20.00 S$25.00

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Enhanced IFAM Baby Play Yard stability with non-slip circular support for all IFAM play yard panels. 

A much bigger non-slip material that increases the friction area with the floor by 4 times making baby play yard setup safer & sturdier than ever.

Enhanced safety with increased circular support for each play yard panels

Suitable for use with all IFAM baby play yards & storage organizers that uses the anti-slip silicon pad.

Comparison between existing anti slip pads VS non-slip circular support

How to use Non-Slip Circular Support

Install 2 play yard non-slip circular support to 1 panel before assembling play yard


Each non-slip circular support is made of Silicone making it flexible and easy to install

Dimension of Play Yard Non-Slip Circular Support

Dimension of each Play Yard Non-Slip Circular Support for IFAM Baby Play Yards

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IFAM Certification (Non-toxic & BPA Free)

IFAM Play Yard, Play Mats & Storage Organizers are tested and proven baby safe by Korean, European & US certification


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  • How many to buy for shell 10pcs set?

    You need 2 pcs for every panel. For a 10pcs set, you would need 20pcs.

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IFAM Baby Play Yard Non-Slip Circular Support (20pcs)

Easy to install

Easy to install and sucks onto the floor for better grip and does not easy get dislodged by baby or any hard/heavy objects.

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