Long Legs: Early Math Concepts - Addition and Subtraction (6-9yo)

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A simple math game with a monstrous dose of fun.

The cute little Monsters are just waiting to grow. Slide them up or down, and there you go! Leggy and Teeny are two Monster friends, and love to have a party with their dice and cards. While Leggy likes to grow tall as fast as he can, Teeny enjoys getting shorter! Can you help them in their friendly race to grow tall or short?

2-4 players game for 6-9 year old kids.


  • FALL IN LOVE WITH NUMBERS PLAYFULLY -The cute little monsters grow and shrink! Add joy, subtract fear, and multiply concentration with this engaging hands on, fast paced number slide (1-50) game. Easy to learn with multiple game plays for 2 to 4 players
  • CONNECT-LAUGH-ASK-PLAY (C.L.A.P.) TO LEARN - At home or in the classroom, roll the dice and let the frenzy begin. Add to move your monster up or subtract to go down on the number line on the wooden rulers. It’s an addictive race for kids!
  • WILD CARD GAME - Challenge the growing Mathematicians with 24 cards in a quick action strategic game. Be the first to solve the problem and grab the card. Teaches mathematical language- concepts of double, greater than, less than, odd and even.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT - As children engage in decision making, you’ll see them train their thinking and problem solving skills. Promotes connection, social interaction and healthy competition. A concrete tool for math practice and ideal for kinesthetic learners.
  • JOY OF LEARNING - We pride ourselves in helping families and friends unplug and connect- building values and developmental skills. Chalk and Chuckles games and toys make great gifts for boys and girls. Trusted by parents and teachers.

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Recommended Usage

  • Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergartners
  • Indoor Games / Family Games
  • Occupational Therapy Game - Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism etc.

Why Long Legs?

  • Advances mathematical skills-counting, basic operations & math concepts.
  • Develops thinking skills, strategy and problem-solving
  • Facilitates flexibility & patience.
  • Promotes processing speed and quick action.
  • Gift for Kids

How To Play

One game, many ways to play!

Games 1 & 2: Leggy Long Legs or Teeny Weeny Miney Mo

  • Decide at the start if you want to play a tall or a short game.
  • Roll the number dice.
  • Add/subtract the number to your monster legs and move the slider up/down.
  • Take turns to roll the dice and add/subtract height to your monster.
  • The monster with the longest/shortest legs wins.

Game 3: Leggy and Teeny’s wild card game

  • Take turns to pull out a card and roll the dice.
  • Use the card and the number rolled to solve the math puzzle.
  • Be the first to solve the card and slide your slider to the correct answer and grab the card.



    • 2 Wooden number dices
    • 4 Wooden rulers with sliders
    • 24 Cards
    • Instruction sheet

    Box size: 6.4 x 33 x 12.7 cm