Kids Boardgames & Puzzles

Puzzles & Boardgames for kids (some call it "vitamins of the brains") train the little ones on qualities such as patience, determination and concentration. Besides improving a child’s shape-recognition abilities, puzzles and board games can help to enhance a child’s decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Here are some of the best kids board games and puzzles which encourage healthy brain development and strategic thinking.  

Chalk & Chuckles is an award-winning children’s educational games publisher which develops board games and puzzles that promote active learning through play. Helmed by Harvard-trained psychologist, Prachi Agarwal, Chalk & Chuckles uses academic concepts to make learning fun, imaginative and expressive.

TOi, ‘Think On It”, is an educational toy brand that specialises in strategic board games and game puzzles for kids. With professional design teams in Europe, America and China, TOi puzzles and board games encourage curiosity, creative thinking, cognitive development and cultural-intelligence. Every TOi jigsaw puzzle and board game is personalised to the developmental needs of children at different age groups combined with advanced educational concepts and market research.

Note: TOi Boardgames come in dual language - English and Chinese.