Easy Toddler Potty Training


Brand: IFAM


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Easy Toddler Potty Training provides toilet training for boys & girls who are learning how to control their bowel movement. This child toilet training seat will help them to explore and enjoy the process of potty training!

A child always want to follow their parents in doing certain things such as using the toilet. However, adult toilet can be too big for a child at the start which will make them feel uncomfortable or scared.

Easy Toddler Potty is the perfect size for your little one - toilet seat tailored to their small and cute hip line with smooth curve edge. Designed to resemble an adult toilet which will reduce resistance later when using adult toilet seats.

Easy Toddler Potty Seat Dimension

Easy Toddler Potty dimension

Easy to use, comfortable for them to sit on and easily accessible

Back support for the comfort of your child

Ergonomic seat design for your toddler to sit on

When your child is comfortable, bowel movement will be quicker and more comfortable too!

Easy Toddler Potty Seat Feature

Exact look & feel of the adult toilet with toilet lid, urine leak proof potty holder and anti slip support

Come with a flush button too!Note: you need 2 x AAA battery for the flush sound.

Easy Toddler Potty Safety

Non-slip PP to prevent your child from slipping when sitting on the potty seat

Anti-slip support at the bottom to prevent entire potty from moving

Easy Toddler Potty Cleanliness

Come with lid to cover your toddler's potty!

Curve edge to ensure urine flow inwards into potty holder

Easy to wash - simply wash with water after clearing potty contents

Easy Toddler Potty Product Info

Easy Toddler Potty product material & handling instructions

Potty Training Tips

Step 1 - Introducing the potty seat to your toddler

Step 2 - Create rules & step by step instructions for them to follow through

Decorate their potty area - a pleasant environment helps during potty training too!

Reward them when they follow through your potty training steps!

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  • Can this taken out and be use on adult toilet bowl in future??

    The potty tray can be taken out for cleaning but it is too small for an adult toilet bowl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love it!

My 2.5 year old loves it as it looks like the real ones that mama and papa use!


Easy Toddler Potty Training


Our son is just starting to use his potty and is loving it.


Easy Toddler Potty Training

Love the toilet!

It looks so much like a real toilet and helps to let my toddler experience the real experience! :) Totally recommend!

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