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ALZiP Modern Home Puzzle Mat (180x180x2cm)

Brand: ALZiP

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Pad-Up Play Area with Functional & Stylish Baby-Safe Play Mat

ALZiP Modern Home Puzzle Mat is a floor mat made of certified baby-safe TPU and PU which can be customized to any dimension.

Alzip Puzzle Mat Material

Mat Style

Alzip modern house puzzle mat styles


16 pieces of puzzle mats per box (4 corners/8 sides/4 centers)Alzip Puzzle Mat
Layout: 180 x 180 x 2.1 cm
Each puzzle mat without connector: 45 x 45 cm 
Each puzzle mat with connector: 49 x 49 cm  
* Side & corner has an extension of 2.2 cm

Alzip puzzle mat dimension

More Details

  • Excellent In Sound Absorbing - Significantly reduce 62.4% of noiseALZiP Puzzle Mat 2.1cm Thickness
  • Trapezoidal Designed Interlock Puzzle Mat - Fit seamlessly & keep play mat firmly in placeALZiP Puzzle Mat Trapezoidal Design For Seamless FitALZiP Puzzle Mat Perfect Fit Interlocking Tiles
  • Easy Assemble & Disassemble - Curated interlock making it attach & detach easilyALZiP Puzzle Mat Easy Assemble & Disassemble
  • Highly Modular - By simple cutting, it would be able to fit in any corner seamlesslyALZiP Puzzle Mat Highly Modular
  • Easy Storage & Portable - It can be store conveniently when not in useALZiP Puzzle Mat Easy Storage & Portable
  • Easy To Clean - Water-resistant surface making it easy to clean by wipe clean and/or vacuumALZiP Puzzle Mat Easy To Clean - Waterproof Surface

ALZiP Puzzle Mat Can Be Clean Wipe and Vacuumed

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