Why Connect Game: Critical Reasoning, Relationship and Categorizing Skills (6-12yo)

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An Addictive Reasoning Game

Help the picture tiles make friends with each other by finding out how they can connect. A reasoning game that tests and builds upon your ability to reason, categorise and identify relationships between objects.

2-4 players game for 6 to 12 years old.


  • FAMILY GAME FOR KIDS, FRIENDS AND ADULTS: Count on good times as you get together to see who has the best reasoning skills! Bring on the creative thinking challenge! With 2 levels of varying difficulty, it’s suitable for people of all ages - 6 to 99 years old
  • EASY TO PLAY: A tile laying, picture connecting game. Players take turns adding 1 token at a time to the play table, giving a reason for their connection. Speak aloud your reasoning and wait for the fun to unfold as others accept or reject your logic. It’s a test of how convincing you can be! Be simple or think out of the box.
  • LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: An engaging and interactive game to build your child's cognitive skills. Encourages logical, analytical and critical thinking. Promotes visual reasoning and develops language, communication and social skills.
  • NOT BOUND BY A BOARD: Play anywhere and anytime! Unplug and get ready for fun times to stretch your brain - at home, a party, game night or in an elementary classroom! Box contains 90 square picture tokens in a cloth bag for easy travel, 4 wooden stands, 1 score pad and an instruction guide. Skip the scoring when playing with younger children but if you're in the mood for some tough competition, keep the scores!
  • BEST GIFTS: A perfect gift for families with kids and even loved by grandparents. Whatever the occasion- Birthday, Graduation, Christmas or Back-to-School, you won't be disappointed. A favourite with Teachers, Homeschoolers and Speech Therapists too!

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Recommended Usage

  • Kids from 6 to 12 years old
  • Indoor Games / Family Games
  • Occupational Therapy Game - Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism etc.

Why Connect?

  • Work your charm with both your logic & persuasive skills to convince the other players.
  • 2 levels of gameplay for use with younger & older kids.
  • Not bound by a board and can be played on any flat surface. So have fun connecting these tiles on your family dining table, or take it along with you on a picnic to the park!
  • Taps into higher order thinking capacities, promoting logical thinking and categorical reasoning.
  • Builds cognitive flexibility while promoting a deeper level of processing and engagement with the ideas.
  • Requires visual processing
  • Encourages communication skills.
  • Gift for Kids

How To Play

  • Choose to begin play at the Easy Level with 60 tiles. The tiles are colour coded for two levels of play. Add the 30 blue tiles later for a more challenging level.
  • Start with placing two related tiles on a flat surface and state your reasoning.
  • Take turns and add one tile at a time based on the relationship between the picture objects. State your reasoning out aloud.
  • Wait for the fun to unfold as players accept or reject your reasoning.
  • Connections can be formed across and down in crossword fashion
  • Make as many connections as possible
  • Tally your scores and the highest scorer wins

Best played: On the floor in the land of reason



    • 90 Tiles
    • 4 Stands
    • 1 Cloth bag
    • 1 Score pad
    • Instruction

    Box size: 5.6 x 21.8 x 26.5 cm