Tidy Up: Sorting and Organizing Cooperative Game Play for Preschoolers (3-5yo)

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Tidy Up the Messiest Room in Town!

The House of Rats is the messiest in town.
Everything is here and there... How do they tidy up the mess?
They sure have a mission.

1 or more players game for 3-5 year and older kids.


  • PRESCHOOL GAME - Fun activity to introduce little ones to board games and family game time. Join the Rats in their messy house to tidy up in a color matching and sorting game. See their problem-solving skills in action, as they decide what goes where.
  • EASY TO PLAY - Roll the dice and sneak through the matching colored windows and doors. The first player to put things back in the room where they belong wins. Includes competitive and cooperative game plays to ensure that children are never bored!
  • LIFE SKILLS - This cute game with a beautifully illustrated 3D house helps in discussing the importance of cleaning up with your kids. They'll learn to take responsibility and be more helpful. Wouldn't you be happy to see them pick up their toys after playing?
  • SKILL BUILDER - Playing is learning in early childhood. Develops fine motor skills, social skills, logical and critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, speech and language, vocabulary and object recognition. Popular with kids, parents, teachers and therapists!
  • PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND - Every child develops at their own pace. Small children start to explore the material in free play and only later play according to rules. Chalk and Chuckles games are easily adaptable for learners of all ability levels. Good for Ages 3 to 5 years.

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Recommended Usage

  • Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergartners
  • Indoor Games / Family Games
  • Occupational Therapy Game - Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism etc.
  • Gift for Kids

Why Tidy Up?

  • A cute and simple game that lets you discuss the importance of cleaning up with children
  • A fun and easy game to learn colors and categorisation
  • Compete with each other or play cooperatively
  • No reading required
  • One game, many ways to play!

How To Play

Game 1: Race to Tidy Up

Join the Rats as they move from room to room. Roll the dice and sneak through the matching colored windows and the doors, putting things in their place. The 1st player to put things back in the room where they belong wins the game.

Game 2: Tidy Up together

We see something, out of place.
It does not belong there.
So let us see where?

A cooperative game where both the mice move around the house working together to bring things back to the rooms in which they belong.

Bonus Play:

A-Z Around the house

Roll the dice and move from room to room naming objects from A-Z in sequence. Take turns alternating and building up the chain. See how far you can go without breaking the chain. Pay attention to the details in the illustrations.



    • 1 House consisting of 2 walls
    • 24 Magnetic tokens
    • 1 Floor base
    • 2 Wooden mice
    • 1 Color dice
    • Instructions

    Box size: 4.6 x 24.5 x 38.1 cm