Three Reasons Why Your Child Should Own a Smartwatch!

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We live in an age and time where connectivity has no boundaries. Evidently, technology has brought about the invention of smart gadgets that not only help to bridge distances and communications between people, these smart gadgets also increasingly act as a safety device where the tracking of one’s location is possible when needed.

Thus for a peace of mind, it is no wonder why many parents are instinctively handing out smartphones to their child the moment they hit primary school. However, not every child is ready and disciplined enough to own and manage a smartphone. “If not smartphones, what else could I possibly give my child?” you might ask. Well, a smartwatch might just be the perfect solution for you and your child and here are three reasons why:

How do i keep my child safe?

SmartWatch also keep them Safe and Sound for a Peace of mind

Smartwatches provide a great alternative as to how parents can keep tabs and stay connected with their child. Essentially a watch and mobile phone at the same time, your child can now answer notifications, texts and calls right from their wrists. How convenient isn’t it?

Also most smartwatches often come with GPS tracking features where parents can pair their smartphones with the smartwatch to track their kid’s location. As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing’, when voice calls are not enough to assure you that your kids are safe, the DoKiwatch S for one goes one step further than most smartwatch brands as it comes with an integrated camera which allows for two-way video calls. Parents can easily make video calls to their child whenever they need reassurance that their child is safe or just very simply, when they miss them!

Encourages child to lead a healthier lifestyle

dokiWatch S encourages your child to lead an active lifestyle

Now, now, let’s be honest! How many of us are often distracted by our smartphones throughout the day because we’re either 1) busy texting away 2) on social media?

I reckon-many. One can only imagine what an unsupervised young child would do with a smartphone when a myriad of games and apps are readily available to them.

When young kids are unable to practice healthy self-regulation with their mobile-screen time, the long hours of sedentary lifestyle would then lead to problems such as child obesity. In worse cases, studies have shown that some children even develop an addiction to their mobile phones!

Smartwatches on the other hand could help to reduce the occurrence of such negative and obsessive screen-time behaviors by encouraging your child to lead a more active lifestyle with the fitness tracking feature that they usually come with - remember Tamagotchi?

For example, the DoKiwatch S has an interactive and fun in-built fitness tracking app which allows your child to own and rear a virtual pet that grows stronger and bigger the more he or she moves around. What better way to encourage healthier and active living from young, don’t you agree?

Greater Parental Controls

Control what your child can & cannot do at specific time

Are you tired of being a ‘part-time’ ninja around your child, constantly spying and peeking over their shoulders just to see what they are doing on their mobile phones? With a smartwatch, you’d be glad to know that you can finally retire from your (almost-back breaking) ‘part-time job’!

Unlike most smartphones, a smartwatch like the doKiwatch S comes with several features that allow parents to take control of what their kid can do on their smartwatches.

For example, the ingenious ‘class mode’ allows parents to de-activate certain (potentially distracting) features during specific set times of the day, thus ensuring that their child is focused in school.

In addition, with malicious spam and scam calls all the rage these days, parents definitely would want to keep their child away from coming in contact with these dodgy characters. The doKiwatch S allows parents to preset a list of contacts of who are able to make voice calls to their child; anyone else that is not on this list is automatically blocked. Rest assured now, parents!

Check out dokiWatch S full feature here.


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